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The title pretty much says it all. A blog all about positively promoting nudism/naturism, body acceptance and social nudity, and showing how simply being nude is not porn, sexual or anything shameful.

Good Naked Morning: That Don’t Impress Me

Good naked morning friends!

Yeah, I know, it’s a Friday morning instead of my usual Saturday—well fact is, I’m goin’ out of town for the weekend today—after a rough day at work yesterday, I’m glad to finally have a day off, and I’m gonna go down to see my parents for their 30th anniversary…and yeah, I’m gonna be dressed the majority of the time. Well I am looking forward to seeing them, because one I’ve been real busy with work (hence why I haven’t had a Saturday morning blog post in a while), and I just haven’t seen my folks in a while.

OK, I was just literally watching The Today Show this morning, and during the Popstart segment, Sheinelle brings up country-pop artist Shania Twain’s 90s hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much” in which she mentions in the song “OK, so you’re Brad Pitt?…that don’t impress me much!” And it all has to do with a nude centerfold Pitt did for Playgirl magazine, and Shania remembered seeing it in the ladies’ “Playboy equivalent” mag and how much it didn’t impress her, as she says “we see people naked every day.” Well, I got two ways of looking on this issue.

First of all, I remember reading not that long ago in an online article about celebrity nudists, that Brad said in a CNN interview one that he’s “naked all the time at home”—which is great, it’s good to see there are celebrities who are nudists.

Other way I look on it, yeah Shania says, we see naked people all the time, and not all of us are as “handsome” or sexy looking as Pitt, but you know what? That’s OK, too. Because truly, no matter what you look like, man or woman, you are wonderful and you deserve to be happy in the skin you live in. A majority of society seems to dictate in advertising or everyday life what a perfect body is supposed to be—fit, hairless and sculpted, to supposedly feel happy with yourself. It’s not everyday people see somebody who might be overweight, or thin, or what some “high-life” a**holes would consider ugly, and because it’s something we don’t see everyday, it can be hard for some to accept their bodies as they are.

And worse, it’s things like magazines like Playboy (or Playgirl, for the ladies), the porn world, perverts and peer pressure that really hurt people’s looks on the body, and because of that there are so many people afraid to see them nude, especially for a non-sexual reason, and that just isn’t right. So you may have a little excess body hair on ya, you may be overweight, you may be thin like me, whatever breast size or genital size or whatever. God created us each very unique, and he did that for a reason. One thing, wouldn’t life be boring if we were all exactly the same?

The way I see it—every man and woman should be, as our friend Marc has said before, #HappyInUrOwnSkin. Being an art model was a great step for me to gain confidence in myself, in addition to the inner urge I just seemed to have when I was a kid to get naked (but was always afraid to back then, because of people’s reactions), and I really came to accept my body for what it is. So should you, you are awesome just the way you are, and you have every right to be happy in your naked skin just as anyone else should be—it’s you, you’re unique and you’re awesome! Let the real you shine through.

Friends, let’s think body positive—love the skin you’re in, and I hope y’all have a great weekend–naked if you can, or even if you’re dressed like I’m gonna be, still have a great weekend. Plus next weekend I’m looking forward to goin’ back to my regular nude club, Spruce Hollow, for Labor Day weekend! It’s all good. #NudeOn y’all, and I’ll talk to ya soon.

David B


#YourNudeOnStory: Mike’s Story

Hey friends, we’re back with another special edition of #YourNudeOnStory. Today, we sit down and chat with Mike, a 70-year-old longtime naturist and fellow blogger from southeast England. A friend of our page for some time, let’s learn about Mike’s experience with the clothes-free way of life.

So I understand you’ve been a nudist for quite some time—how did it all start for you, what drew you into nudism/naturism in the first place?
I’m now 70 and consider I’ve been a nudist/naturist since I was about 17. I sort of stumbled into it, when I visited a stretch of beach called Formby nr. Liverpool and happened to see a couple strolling by the shore naked – that did it for me off came my trunks and I spent a blissful day paddling and sunning naked. It was the freedom from covering any of me and from that day I was hooked! I must admit I could see no reason why we should be constrained by clothes and I stated to buy HE magazine marveling at the bodies within, naked in all sorts of places. I continued to be naked outdoors whenever and wherever I could be and indoors – I threw out my P’J’s and slept naked and have done ever since.

What reactions did you get when people found you were a nudist?
I got married at 21 and my wife embraced the lifestyle we went to naturist beaches in this country and abroad and to resorts like Euronat in France and raised our 2 daughters without body shame, though they’ve gone and got families of their own and are too busy to bother about the naturist life! I did get in a spot of bother on 2 occasions when someone complained about my outdoor nudity and I got a visit from the Police but no prosecutions just a warning to be more careful!

Do you have any special place(s) you like to go where you can enjoy yourself and just be nude? What are some of your favorite things to do?
I love to go for nude walks in our lovely countryside and whilst I carry a cover-up I don’t rush to put it on if come across another walker and have only had a couple of negative reactions usually a cheery good day suffices! It is legal in England to be naked in public if there is no intention to alarm or distress. I mostly always am nude at home I find doing housework and cooking and decorating is best done naked. I dress for certain visitors quite a few are comfortable seeing me as I am.

How do you feel sharing your nudist/naturist way of life has made an impact on you and others you may know?
I think with the growth of Social Media it has been possible to see how many naturists there are all over the world and connect with them, and also to share the lifestyle with “textile” people and I think to show myself as I truly am, warts and scars and all should give some confidence to others who are thinking about naturism and maybe too shy to try!
Unfortunately my wife had a severe stroke some years ago and cannot talk walk and has to have soft foods so I now care for her and we cannot go out to beaches, etc., so Social media is my main contact with other naturists. The carers that come in to assist my wife’s personal care are quite ok with me being naked, they’ve seen it all before!

What advice would you give a non-nudist who’d seem willing to try nudism/naturism?
I would say to anyone thinking of trying it, just go naked at home for a full 24 hours, then find a nude beach or look for a naturist group, swim or club there are lots and give it a go! There is nothing better than being naked on a warm day better than sweating and totally natural!

Thanks for joining us, Mike—I truly admire your dedication to naturism. You can also check out Mike’s blog called Naturalian, give it a look. Friends, if you’re interested in sharing #YourNudeOnStory with us, be sure to DM @teamcloptzone on Twitter, I would love to talk with you about your experience as a naturist to share on our blog, as part of our mission of spreading the positive word about clean, wholesome nudism/naturism and body acceptance. The better we band together as fellow naturists, the stronger we can be about showing the world how natural and truly normal nudism/naturism really is, and in turn I feel it can become more accepted and more people will be willing to join the clothes-free way of life. So #NudeOn friends, together WE ARE #TeamClothingOptional.

Chapter 13: The best weekend of our life, our first mini-vacation together! #ClothingOptional

Bare Thoughts

Wow people, what an amazing weekend did we have. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we visited the island Vlieland. And even though we thought weather would be crap ( it was when we left our home ), we actually had sun all weekend!

We arrived around 8.30am at the port of Harlingen and 30 minutes later the ferry left main land behind us. It’s about a 1,5 hour trip with the ferry to Vlieland. Because our hotel was only 1,5 kilometer from the port of Vlieland, we decided to walk instead of renting some bicycles. Our feet regret that decision very much haha. We walked a lot this weekend. Well… a lot for us, people that don’t walk a lot. But I’m very sure that we walked at least 20 kilometers this weekend.

Anyhow, we arrived at the hotel and even though check-in usually is around 3 pm…

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Good Naked Morning: Where Am I, You May Ask?

Good naked morning, y’all!

Friends, I hope your Saturday is a great one. It’s a nice, sunny one up here in Northern Michigan, and even though I’m technically workin’ this afternoon, it’s fun work—some of you might know I work for a local cable channel, and I’m filming one of our local county fairs, definitely much more exciting than the last fair I was at last weekend that didn’t seem like a real fair at all. This one, much more exciting, with lots of animals, food, a carnival, and events in the grandstands every night—for still a smaller fair, this is a true well-planned fair! And tonight, there’s gonna be a mud run I’m gonna get some footage of.

After a long week and three days down there, it’s good to have a few hours this morning to finally relax in the buff. When I got home from the fair last night after being there since 10am yesterday, I was pooped out. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but all day on the job for work, I was ready for a break—was glad to finally get some rest, I slept great last night and it felt great to just wake up and stretch without being in a huge hurry, turn on some of my favorite country music, and not have to worry about having to put any clothes on for a while.

It’s busy times for me with work, but it’s great to relax in the nude with the time you have, especially as I just don’t have the time to go to my favorite resort, like I initially thought at the start of summer. But I still plan on makin’ it over for Labor Day weekend, and in the meantime I’m gettin’ through my life with work and doing what I can to enjoy myself even though I can’t always be nude—for instance, I’ve been looking into learning how to fish, it’s been a long time since I did it with my dad, and I’m fortunate to have friends from church willing to take me out. Also, I still get to the beach when I can and go for a dip—swimsuit unfortunately, but at least it’s great to get out to the water, especially when the day dies down and there aren’t as many people around, you can meditate and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature around you.

Well friends, I hope you have a good one—may be another few weeks before I write another Saturday blog, but I just wanted to let you know I’m still here and still enjoyin’ my nude time, hope y’all have a great weekend, #NudeOn, and I’ll talk to y’all soon.

David B

Naked Meandering Takes Time…

Great story man, lookin’ forward to reading more from your blog soon!

The Meandering Naturist

The last two years have been pretty intense, with a couple big projects that have required a lot of travel, and as a friend put it this morning, many instances where I could say “I worked two days yesterday!” That’s tricky for a blogger, given that the very nature of blogging is organized around a chronological sense of time and space. Challenging when neither is available.

I write this post from Skinny Dippers Naturist Retreat on Mallorca, which has the unusual feature of encouraging a sense of community as many (most?) of the guests gather around the dinner table each evening; where, of course, the lead-out topic of conversation is almost always, “Where have you been, and what did you think?” If that conversation takes hold, perhaps I will disclose that I am a naturist blogger, and the most enthusiastic among them will run off to grab his or her…

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Good Naked Morning: Soak Up the Relaxation

Hey, good naked morning friends!

It’s probably the only free Saturday morning I’ll have for a few weeks to write my Saturday morning blog, due to projects for work. I still have to work this afternoon unfortunately, but it will be a fun day, as I will be covering our local county fair. Anyway, I couldn’t miss the chance to have some relaxing nude time in the morning and write.

How did y’all sleep last night? Tell you the truth, it’s been awful trying to get to sleep the last few nights for me, just because of how hot it is! My apartment isn’t air conditioned, and having the ceiling fan going in my room did not help—especially with the noise keeping me awake, and just the humidity of the room, even with the window open. I was up numerous times throughout the night, I even ended up taking numerous trips to the bathroom so I could get a drink of cold water to stay hydrated. Well I’m up now anyway, and just enjoying the relaxing time before I must get dressed for work. The next few weeks will be busy—next week is the next county over’s county fair, then a big race rally and finally V-J Parade Festivities. A busy month for me ahead—but every morning, I still start the day with a couple hours in the buff before I shower and must get ready.

It wasn’t a long rant today friends, but I do hope you can soak up any time of relaxation you can get. I know I am, I hope y’all have a great day, and #NudeOn.

David B

Male Nudity Can’t be Beautiful….Right?

I agree, I’m straight myself–and I agree a naked male body matters just as much as a female’s. Every body deserves to be happy and feel beautiful in their own skin.

Naturist Thoughts

I come across this artistic nude today and found it to be quite thought provoking. It’s not a naturist photo. Many would say it’s more sexual than anything. Not my thing usually. I’d rather see a 50-yr old couple out hiking nude than a 21-year old nude Adonis. But that’s ok. I’ve got a point here. I was struck with how beautiful it was but juxtaposed that with how many people would find it otherwise. Some might balk at the nudity, others would find it displeasurable since it shows a mans penis, others because the mans penis is semi-erect. I find all three of those objections completely absurd. I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to them, I just can’t identify with them at all.

It is beautiful. It’s a fact.

Female nudity is so much more accepted than the male. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a longtime fan of female…

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Dude…..You’re Nude!

It isn’t easy goin’ nude around non-naturist friends, especially when you live in a small town in a very conservative area. As a nudist, of course, I love to be nude, but where I live seems like the only place I can really do it here anyway is in my home with the blinds shut.

Naturist Thoughts

If this is how you enjoy most mornings, could you do so with non-naturist guests over? How about at a friends house? Maybe….if you’re willing to consider it.

“Yes I am…..and loving it”!

An oft discussed topic, to the point of monotony, is how to move naturism into the mainstream. In other words, how to make it so you can sit out in your back yard nude without fear of someone seeing, you getting arrested, labeled a sexual predator, losing your job, and pretty much ruining your life. Ok, maybe I took that to an extreme….maybe not.

But anyway, a lot of people point to events such as The Naked Bike Ride as a good example of an event that supports this idea by placing simple non-sexual nudity into the public spectrum. Among other things, to some, it can desexualize nudity and allow it to be seen as something generally…

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Good Naked Morning: Making the Best Out of Stress

Good naked morning, friends!

It’s another beautiful, sunny Saturday up here in Northern Michigan, and I’m definitely feeling in better spirits than I was yesterday. It’s a great morning to just sit and relax in the nude—and even though I’ve got to get dressed and have things to do later on, at least I can take a few hours this morning to just enjoy the moment.

Believe me friends, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately at work. As some of you might know, I work for a local cable TV station, and summer is our big time—and there’s just been so much going on lately, so many work assignments and things I need to edit back at the office. Today there’s an annual historical reenactment event one of our nearby lighthouses puts on every year, and initially I talked to my co-worker to see if she’d be available to film it, and even though she said yes at the time, she ended up taking off sick today and has to see the doctor. And my schedule has been extra busy lately with editing projects I have backed up, and a couple big things happening next week including our local county fair—well first of all yesterday, I came back from lunch after filming a library presentation yesterday morning, and even though I tried working my best the rest of the afternoon it was hard to focus because my anxiety was kicking in, so as soon as 5:00 hit, I left and went over to see a free concert 25 minutes away in the next town. It was a great evening of Christian music with elements of classic ‘70s pop, country, Motown soul, blues and ‘50s-60s rock-n-roll sounds mixed in—plus I got to talk with some people I knew, including one of my friends from church. Then, of course, I come back, and throughout the day I was trying to get a hold of my co-worker to see if she’d be available because I hadn’t heard from her—her husband, whom also works with me, calls me after I leave the concert, and says she’s sick. I told him initially I’d take care of the filming, but once I returned home, my anxiety got the best (or should I say, worst) of me. I called my parents because I was feeling frustrated about feeling overworked, and while I was on the phone, I basically had an anxiety attack—I was getting shaky and hysterical, crying, and despite being after 10:00 I just had to call my bosses and tell them it was just too much for me, I can’t do this. They understood, they know I have anxiety issues, so they told me just take some time to relax and start fresh on Monday—they told me I shouldn’t have to stress myself as I do, I know I worry way more than I should a lot.

Another thing that added to my anxiety yesterday was watching a video when I got back about an Islamist in England, who wants every woman in England to cover up head to toe, and it should happen in America too. And as this reporter on CBS’s 60 Minutes is interviewing him about democracy and free speech, he asks, if I have freedom of speech, why can’t I tell somebody to cover up and you do as I say? And I love her answer, she says, “that’s absurd!” You cannot dictate other people’s actions, clear as that, that’s a big thing I have to say. That’s one thing I hate—selfish a**holes who are so self-absorbed they can’t accept anybody who isn’t just like them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’ve all got things we don’t agree on, everybody’s different, but in sane society, people respect each other for their differences. Matter of fact, recently, I’ve tried ignoring videos like this, just because they get my temper up, in addition to the other anxiety I have in my life. It’s hard enough for me sometimes to even watch network commercial breaks during shows on TV, just because of how overdone a lot of them are and just for how generic and the same they all are, and how much I disagree with how stereotyped a lot of them are or disagree with their message, or just all they do to make the product more attractive with an unrealistic style ad—I just mute the TV and turn my head because the madness becomes too much for me.

This is one reason I’ve come to love naturism—when I lose my clothes and I can interact with fellow naturists, it really helps my stress levels go down significantly. I can forget about work, and all the stuff that gets my dander up if you know what I’m sayin’—and that’s one reason I like writing these blog posts when I have a free Saturday morning.

Matter of fact, a couple weeks ago, as some of you may know, I went down to Spruce Hollow outside Mesick last weekend, and despite low 70s weather I still had a good time. I still got to play some bocce ball, take a swim in the pool and do a lot of chatting—I’m also glad I got to visit an older friend of mine while I was down there, we were chatting for hours! Another thing I just recently learned while talking to my parents on the phone a couple nights ago, an old acquaintance of my dad’s has started becoming interested in nudism after learning his pastor at church was a nudist. His wife’s more of a modest and isn’t exactly keen on the idea, but this guy, a farmer and avid outdoorsman, no less, is interested in trying a resort—so I definitely gave my dad some recommendations, including my regular place, Spruce Hollow. Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn about people?

So friends, I hope you find some happiness in your day, and hope you get some time to relax too…hopefully nude. Even though I’ve got some shopping to do later, there’s another free concert today I think I’ll go to, maybe even take a swim! I’m just going to take my mind off work and relax, things will get better, I know it. It’s going to be 80 here and sunny, so I’m going to make the best of it.

I hope you can too, y’all. Have a great day, and #NudeOn!

All the best,
David B

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