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Body Acceptance

Thank You Y’all, The Time Has Come…

Good naked morning friends.

It’s rather a bittersweet day for me today for me, but I’ve decided it’s a better decision for me at this point in my life. I have decided that I will be downsizing, when it comes to social media and naturism. And as part of that, unfortunately, I’m planning on retiring my Clothing Optional blog. I’m not saying goodbye from nudism/naturism, it’s just that I’ve been so busy lately with work and other priorities in my life that I haven’t blogged for a while, and truthfully, unfortunately I’ve just started losing the desire of blogging.

When I first decided to start this blog, my big thing was I was new to nudism/naturism, and wanted to make new friends/connections with true nudists/naturists, because I truly came to feel that yes, our bodies are wonderful creations and there’s no reason that since my body isn’t “perfect” to stereotypical mainstream standards that I can’t just be happy in my own skin. I love being nude without it having to be sexual or taboo, but to just be natural, because that’s the way God brought us into this world, and the way we will leave it. I have truly appreciated all your support throughout the lifetime of this blog. I still plan to be involved with nudism/naturism, I plan to still interact with my fellow nudists on Twitter and talking just with the basic friends I have on my personal nudist FB (after closing my Clothing Optional group on there this weekend), but that’s all I need at this point is simply a smaller group of nudist friends I know and trust. I’ve also decided to close my Tumblr page too, because there are just way too many people following me for the wrong reasons. I never planned on getting famous, I’m still just an average Joe guy who simply wanted to interact with fellow lovers of the simple clothes-free way of life, and make some new friends—and looking back, I feel I truly have, and it’s amazing the reception I’ve got and how many of you have enjoyed my blog posts over the last few years has been wonderful.

But right now, I’ve got a life to live, and yes it was a hard decision to depart ways with my blog, but right now in my life I think it’s only the right thing to do. Thank you for understanding, and again I truly appreciate your support as I write here for the last time.

I still believe strongly in nudism/naturism, everybody is beautiful in their natural, naked glory and deserves to be happy in the body they’re in, and I will continue to embrace those values as I do downsize, but I know I’ve made the right decision here.

God bless y’all, my friends. You have been a wonderful audience, and again it’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s just the right thing to do. The time has indeed come. Thank you everybody, and I hope we can all continue to #NudeOn until we meet again!


David B


Good Naked Morning: Life is Precious

Good naked morning everybody!

That’s a statement that’s long overdue, I think. Well this is a very special one because I have some very important news about updates in my life. As many of you know, I haven’t written for a while on account of how busy work has been keeping me within the past few months. But this past Friday, I was involved in a car accident, luckily I was wearing a backpack when the car hit me, I am OK and I only have minimal damage. I did break some bones in my shoulders though, that was the most damage done, but I was able to walk OK and I didn’t get any brain damage, so I am very blessed I made it out of that situation alive and out of the hospital yesterday. Taking it easy for the next month or so off work has finally made it possible to sit back with my back against a soft pillow and finally be able to write.

This life is precious people, so live it up—it makes me think of people who don’t think their life is worth living who try to kill themselves. They’re giving up on life, we’re not supposed to be that way! God truly gave us a mission in life, that’s why I know he did not want me to die that night. So friends, don’t give up on your dreams, and yeah we all make mistakes, just as I did, but learn from your mistakes and let them help you grow into a wiser, better person. I did not know I was going to be hit by a car, I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but going through that accident has helped me realize how important life is, and you shouldn’t give up—as much as I wish I could return to work, I must take it easy on myself, I have never felt this helpless in my life, but I’m so blessed it isn’t very much, and I can still get around and remember it all. It’s truly a miracle that we’re all on this earth, so don’t take living for granted, and when you are feeling down just remember, you were put on this earth for a purpose, so don’t throw it away!

Peace out friends, have a great day, and #NudeOn!

David B

Good Naked Morning: The Future of Naturism as we come into a new year very soon?

Good naked morning, friends!

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you may know I haven’t written in a while, as I’ve said in the past it’s a busy month for me at work. And just this cold winter weather doesn’t make it easy when it comes to being casually naked and being able to interact with fellow nudists/naturists. Well luckily the next couple weekends I’m fortunate to finally have free, and this morning I couldn’t wait to get back in touch with all of you good people. I hope y’all are having fun, and getting all set for the holiday season that’s upon us. I wish y’all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

So friends, it seems quite a bit has happened this year, and one big thing that happened in the naturism world unfortunately was the closing of the Young Naturists America, which I think is making it harder for people to advocate for our lifestyle. It also seems like the average age range of nudists tends to be higher, and it feels like there’s less younger nudists than there used to be. I’ve also personally, as you may know, been very busy with work and haven’t had a lot of time to be able to be active in the naturist community this year. But knowing what’s happened this year, sometimes I wonder how we can make a difference in naturism with the new year.

It makes me think of how many people in today’s world still don’t understand what our lives as naturists are really all about. Somebody complains about something, and then it becomes a worldwide controversy. You get one bad apple that ruins it for everybody—somebody that exposes themselves for all the wrong reason, you get these perverts who come up in the so-called news who sexually assault people, the porn world continuously tries making more and more money by exploiting the human body, and people equate all nudity as being taboo and sexual. Well the truth is, our bodies were not made to think this way. The human mind has generated all of this controversy, God didn’t create us to be like this. If being naked was no problem for us as a baby, it shouldn’t be as an adult either.

And because of all that hype about nudity being acquainted with sex, people have a problem with seeing kids nude or people just taking casual pictures of families nude. People falsely accuse nudists of being perverts or pedophiles when in reality, nothing dirty is taking place at all. If people are going to see nudism in a positive light, we need to show how family friendly it truly is.

The first thing people need to realize is we were born naked. It makes me think the other day at bible study, we were watching the movie “The Nativity Story”, in celebration of Christmas…and sure enough, when Baby Jesus was born, they picked him straight up and his buttocks and genital region are right in plain view. You see different movies where babies/toddlers are seen nude, sometimes you may see their buttocks or their penis, and nobody thinks anything of it. And then as we grow up, we start losing sight of how innocent our bodies truly should be. I mean seriously, if nobody has a problem with a baby being naked, why must it be a problem for an adult to be naked without having anything to do with sex?

A penis, or a woman’s breasts, are simply body parts, just like your hands, your eyes, nose, mouth, arms or feet. Why must they be treated any different? You hear allegations about people masturbating in front of women, or groping a woman’s breasts or something like that—that behavior is just wrong, and needs to be kept private and with consent. The way I see it, if people really have a problem with a penis, breasts or buttocks being sexual, then you might as well also censor their hands, or their mouths, or feet, or whatever because all of those body parts contribute to sexual behavior. So the way I see it, if you’re going to bother showing casual nudity on television, just let it all show.

And of course, there’s the body image issue. Society has placed so much emphasis on a sculpted, fit body being the ideal body. Just because you may be fat or thin, or not as attractive to the common public as another, doesn’t mean you can’t respect yourself for who you really are and be comfortable in your naked skin. You are special, you were made special, and you deserve to be happy in your skin, no matter what you look like.

And finally, not all nudists/naturists are the same. A lot of people see us as liberal hippies who are real eccentric, geeky, big city people, pro-LGBT, anti-religion, or whatever other label. Truth is, naturism is truly about being yourself while at the same time appreciating your natural self as one with creation. And living just as others would, happier without clothes. So why is it that so many people stereotype naturists as I’ve said above? I feel this is a reason why many more conservative people don’t understand us too—matter of fact, that’s one reason I am here, to help break that stereotype. I’m straight, an outdoorsman, I hunt, I fish, I love to jam to and sing country music, I’m a Christian, a Republican, I love the rural way of life, and yeah I tend not to keep up with a lot of the popular trends, but still I feel we need to appreciate the bodies we’ve been given and I just feel more comfortable naked. And I care just as much about naturism as some of the more “liberal” types. I know, many might be shocked when they find out who I really am. There are things about others I don’t agree with, but I still try to respect them best I can. Many would be surprised somebody of my background would be a naturist, but it’s just a way of showing really anybody can be one, no matter where you live or what your personal interests are.

It’s also like when people leave a church because they don’t feel welcome as others don’t like something about a person. Not just churches, but schools too, or anyplace really where somebody can face rejection. And the more people reject simple nudists/naturists and automatically link nudity to sex/perversion, the less mentally healthy we will be in the long run. So if you come to think of it, we would be a healthier, happier world if we better respected each other for our differences and love each other for the person we are inside with interests and feelings. Now I know I’m not perfect, there are things I disagree on too, but in the end I try to do my part not to reject people from my life just because they happen to be different from me, especially as there just aren’t a lot of people quite like myself in the nudist world, at least not that I’ve commonly met.

Looking on it all, I also think back to a couple weeks ago as I was watching one of my favorite Christmas comedies, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, as the McAllisters make their way to New York City to find Kevin after he got on the wrong plane. So his mom Kate runs off to find a cop and tells him she needs to find her son, and asks what he’d do. He says, “Put yourself in your kids’ shoes. Where would you go, what would you do?” And Kate answers she’d be probably “lying dead in a gutter somewhere”, but Kevin’s much stronger and braver than she is. That’s the one thing—I feel like a lot of the time, we adults worry way more than we really should, I know I do.

And linking that back to the world of naturism and simple nudity, seeing an innocent child nude and not making an uproar about it is equal to that of an innocent adult simply nude. Like I’ve said before, we can learn a lot from children, kids don’t worry near as much—and when it comes to naturism, we shouldn’t have to worry either. Just be happy and find that inner child in your heart. If the problem with nudity comes from our minds, we can reverse our thinking and realize a simply naked body is simply a natural, normal thing, with body parts each with a function and shouldn’t have to be censored or outlawed just because of a bad apple or two. If we continue to fight for our rights as naturists, we can help the world see nudity is OK, and maybe we can be better accepted and bring new people into the wonderful world of naturism.

‘Til then, friends, have a great December and Merry Naked Christmas, if I don’t talk to you before then.

Best to all,
David B

Good Naked Morning: Birthday Morning in My Birthday Suit

Good naked morning, everybody!

It’s another very special morning for me because today happens to also be my 27th birthday, and it’s a joy to be able to write to y’all this morning in my birthday suit. It also happens to be a great weekend because I was finally able to get a day off work yesterday so I could drive down to visit my folks for the weekend. As much as my mother still doesn’t understand naturism (and it’s still very hard to explain to her, and because of that I’m always dressed around her), I love my parents and am glad to spend some time back in my childhood home.

It’s still hard for me to explain to my mom about my life, because the big thing she fears I will never settle down with the right girl and see her grandkids, and she doesn’t understand that I still have things I want to do with my life before I’m ready to settle down. Because of that, she thinks I purposely am not trying, which is absolutely untrue. And when I told my parents I was going to my regular club for Labor Day, my mom wonders why if I have the money and time to go be around “naked people with everything hanging out”, in addition to being involved with my church and another Christian ministry group I belong to, why I can’t date? What my mom doesn’t understand is yes I am interested in dating, where I am with the time and small amount of money I have, and in a small town where there just aren’t as many free single women, it’s not that easy, and I still, as I said before, have things I still want to do before I really get serious on settling down, which I plan to do, I’m just not ready at the moment. My dad’s a lot more lenient, and tells me not to worry about it, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Big thing, not everyone’s going to understand your life, but don’t let that you hinder yourself from living it.

So friends, I know it’s not a long rant, and I’m going to be clothed for much of the rest of the weekend, but I wanted to at least say a hello to y’all and wish you all the best, especially as I blog on my 27th birthday in my birthday suit.

Have a great weekend y’all, and #NudeOn!

David B

Good Naked Morning: 3 Years Now and Looking Back on the Year

Good naked morning, friends! This is a very special good naked morning because it happens to be coming on my 3rd anniversary of this blog this week, and my 3rd anniversary of officially declaring myself a nudist/naturist.

It’s been quite a year—my second at my job, unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog as much as I used to, and I have been under a lot of anxiety at work lately with projects and misunderstandings with my bosses. But naturism has helped me with finding relaxation and helping reduce my stress.

Within the last three years, going through all the blog posts I’ve written, I find it amazing how much I have grown as a person and as a naturist. When I started out as a nudist after really coming to accept myself working as an art model during my college years, I had no idea I’d become as involved as I have, and I have met so many great fellow naturists near and far. Starting on social media—then last year, fortunately able to finally join AANR and go to a naturist club and making a bunch of new friends. This year, unfortunately, I haven’t been as fortunate to get to my club because of work, and when I did, weather somehow had to conflict—the temperature going down, raining, or just not enough people to play water volleyball in the club pool. One thing I’m glad about was that this last Christmas, I was able to get a newer vehicle to replace my old one that, at 10 years old, was going on the fritz—the computer sensors were out of whack, my Service Engine Soon light would keep coming on and going off at the weirdest times, and then there were times when the ignition wouldn’t start. The last time I took that old car down to Ann Arbor to see my naturist friends down there last year, the wheel bearings gave out and it was a good $800 dollars of my saved-up stipend money to get fixed. Now that I have a more dependable newer SUV, I was fortunate to go down to Detroit earlier this year to see my Detroit/Ann Arbor area naturist friends at their midwinter meet-and-greet, and am hoping to be invited back again this coming winter.

I’m hoping that this coming year I can have some better luck with being more sociable in the naturist realm. With my busy work schedule and numerous expenses, it hasn’t been easy getting out there. But I’m keeping my spirits up, because tomorrow is another day, and next year is a new year with so many possibilities ahead. It’s like in the story of Cinderella—no matter how much Cinderella got pushed around, abused and humiliated by her jealous step-family, she continued to remain positive about every new dawn as someday her dreams of happiness would someday come. I’ll say the same about this past year—like I said, it hasn’t been easy to spend time with fellow naturists, but this next year I’m sure things will turn out better if I really believe they will and continue to remain positive about what the future will bring.

Have a good day, friends—and keep your eye out as I share some of my favorite posts throughout the last three years I’ve been writing on Twitter and in the FB group. And even though I don’t go by Buck anymore, I still love the freedom of being nude and still remain dedicated to spreading the positive message about naturism, simple nudity and body acceptance.

#NudeOn friends, and have a great day, and a great week!

David B

Good Naked Morning: In a World of Manmade Artifices, Have We Lost Touch with our Roots?

Hey, good naked morning, friends!

So I’ve been thinking lately about advertising I’ve seen on network television lately. You see ads all the time for products that make our world a better place…but are they really? The way people predict the “future” of American urban society seriously makes me want to throw up—back in Back to the Future Part II (from 1989), they predicted 2015 to be a year of flying cars and smart computers that would take place of real people at the office. Well, thank heavens, we haven’t come as far as flying cars being the norm—the majority of our cars are still planted firmly on the ground. But even today, you have computer machines you can put in your home, you know what I’m taking about, in which you can tell them to do things for you—make lists, ask them questions, make them basically do almost everything for you. Have we really made our world a better place with these products like these tech geeks want to make us believe, or have we just made our kind more lazy?

Goodness, I just bought a new vehicle last winter, and I’ve really come to like my backup camera. But I still use my mirrors to make sure too, just as I was taught by my dad as I was starting driver’s training. Or how people who have backup sensors on the back of their cars? Still gotta be able to function if something goes wrong. I’ve really come to enjoy having conveniences on my smartphones (for personal and work), but I try not to be as dependent on them as some. To think, there are a lot of younger people these days who feel they cannot live without them. HAVE WE SERIOUSLY SPOILED OURSELVES THIS FAR THAT WE’VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF HARD WORK? It’s hard for me to see ads for machines like the Echo or Echo Dot, in which people say, “Do this” or “do that”, and all I want to shout at the TV is “Go do it yourself! Are you really that lazy?”

Yes I’m considered a millennial, because I was born in the early 90s, but it makes me want to puke seeing how much my generation gets stereotyped (at least by urban society), because of common habits a few have spread to numerous others of my generation. A lot of people think of all millennials as being the same, and the way society depicts them just makes it worse. Many think they can’t live without a smartphone, many are too afraid to move away from their parents or to even grow up.

In just the same manner, it seems like more and more throughout the years, younger generations have found so much more access to the sexual world and given in to modest and prudish ways that there are seems to be quite a lot less younger nudists now than there’ve ever been. At a lot of smaller nudist clubs, such as my club up here in Northern Michigan, I’m typically the youngest out of much of the visitors. Most of the people are older people, and of course, just much of my friends in my textile life around my small rural community are quite a bit older than me.

Our clothes-free way of life will never survive if populations of younger nudists continue decreasing. One thing a lot of younger people have a hard time with, because of all the pressure they get from the world around them as they grow up, is how much it isn’t necessary to objectify or stereotype the body. And technology isn’t making things any better—I mean sometimes it can be good, but never push a good thing too far. Technology can have its glitches—you still need to be able to function if technology malfunctions on you, the way I see it, try not to be as dependent on it. The less we depend on artificial things, the happier we can be and the more we can come to respect our roots. When God created man and woman, he said they were very good—and true to Genesis 2, Adam and his wife (Eve) were naked and not ashamed. In a world of nature, no less, not a world of artificial materials, why can’t we make our lives a little simpler?

It makes me think of last night when I was getting pizza at a small pizza joint down the street, this guy still only accepts cash or check—luckily the bank’s right across the street and I got some cash out. But there are lot of people these days who don’t even carry cash on them! That’s what gets me. And worse, a lot of people use their smartphones for stuff that doesn’t even have to do with talking to someone! Sometimes, it would just be great to hang on to the past instead of completely boycotting it.

Just think it over—have we really made the world a better place or have we just gotten lazier-minded? I’d like to get your thoughts. I don’t know, I just feel the world has gotten spoiled by a lot of artificial stuff that too many people have forgotten human roots. In the same regard, people shouldn’t have to fear about nudity or to see others simply naked for a non-sexual reason. It’s something to think about—of course everybody’s different, people have different ways of simplifying their lives too, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what we can do to help make the world a better place and in turn, help people better appreciate themselves instead of objectifying their bodies or body parts into something that’s forbidden. Or nature, things that man did not have to make, but have been here from the day God put them on this Earth. There must be a balance.

Well friends, I hope y’all have a great day—hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and #NudeOn!

David B

Good Naked Morning: How Can We Work to Help People Better Understand Naturism?

Good naked morning, friends!

This fall weather up here in my neck of the woods has been kinda weird, but at the same time nice. I was out in a hunting blind yesterday morning and we didn’t see very many deer, I knew it was getting too warm, it’s another 70-degree weekend up here. It feels great while driving around on the job, but it’s not the greatest for hunting, at least not up here—I do pray for the best my friends at the nearby sportsman’s club who are doing their annual Independence Hunt this weekend for the 100% disabled and our vets. It’s also not the greatest weather for allergies, despite being over my recent headcold these changing temps are affecting my sinuses, and making me cough like crazy. But at least I’m not sick anymore, I’m happy about that. And it’s been absolutely beautiful around here, I’ve been taking color tours pretty much every weekend because the autumn leaves are just so beautiful in the forests just outside of town where I live up here in Northern Michigan.

So I was just watching a video not that long ago talking about a British beach town opening their beach up to nudists, and the reporter was interviewing a lot of the locals in town, many of whom were angry about the decision, thinking automatically that it’s all about sex. One complained saying it wouldn’t be right for kids to see—WHY NOT??? It all comes from the long-time myth about nudity being sexual, of course I would not want my kids to see porn or people having sex in public, that’s just wrong. But simple nudity is not about sex—it’s about comfort in your own skin and appreciating whom you really are. And kids are natural-born nudists, I know, I used to love running around the yard in nothing but my birthday suit. If anything, families should better teach their children about the differences between simple nudity and sex—don’t stop your kids from running around nude, I’d encourage it. All this myth about nudity being a bad thing has to do with how people are raised, and the more we raise our kids to think nudity is bad, the more they’re going to believe it.

It makes me think about riding around with one of the volunteers for this Independence Hunt I’ve been filming for work yesterday, in which I was telling him about how much I enjoy the area and how I feel like a lot of the news you hear today all seems to be towards the masses, the majority of US population that lives in metropolitan areas and you next to never hear about rural America. And he was talking about how as part of this hunt, when it comes to driving out to help collect deer and assisting hunters, he doesn’t have a problem with driving back and forth numerous times for miles in the same day, and how he feels from his experience how a lot of city people would go crazy going from place to place for long distances when they have everything right near them. Everybody’s different, and if you’re not familiar with something it can be hard for you to accept something new and really understand it.

And relating back to naturism and how a majority of society doesn’t understand it illustrates this pretty well. That’s why even though I wasn’t raised a nudist, I’m hoping I can raise my children to better accept their bodies, I would definitely encourage a clothing-optional household. If my kids see me nude, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I feel there should be more efforts made to encourage simple nudity, especially showing it more in TV adversiting. I’ve seen ads for humor, like a Serta ad with a guy wanting to be a nudist and his wife’s comfortable with it now that they have their new bed, that ad makes me laugh—we need more ads with simple nudity, and I think that will better demonstrate to the public that simple nudity is not sexual and it shouldn’t be a problem.

And whyever we blur our body parts is ridiculous too—as I’ve said before, this is why there’s such a disconnect for people. Our world has become so sexually generated, much of it from the porn industry making money, people have lost the fact that the male penis and genitalia and the female breasts are just normal parts of the body with a function like any other. If somebody has a problem with seeing a penis on TV and bothering to block it out because that’s a “sexual” body part supposedly, then you might as well blur out the hands, the mouth, the feet, everything. Same with a woman’s breasts and vulva. Obviously I am against the idea of purposely exposing your regional body parts for sexual purpose (which evolves from sexual society’s exploitation of the body), but the sight of a simple naked person shouldn’t be a big deal. I already know I’m straight and I’m interested in women, so the sight of a penis does not bother me. I think guys who do have a problem with seeing a full naked man have some kind of problem with themselves—same with women. If you’re going to bother showing simple nudity on TV, don’t blur it. Simple as that.

It’s still hard for me to open up to people about being a nudist/naturist, and a lot of the times when I do go to my regular club, I simply tell people I’m going to see friends—because that’s what I’m doing. We act just as we do with clothes on, we just feel more comfortable without, but act just as though we would if we were clothed.

Friends, I’d like to get your opinion. What do you think we can do to make strides to help better positively advocate the positives of naturism to the public?

I’ll talk to y’all soon, and have a great day…and #NudeOn!

David B

Good Naked Morning: Sleeping Nude and Promoting Better Health

Good naked morning!

Hey friends, it’s a new morning! Hope y’all slept well last night…and nude, I hope. You know it’s funny, because so many people are so afraid of the human body they don’t realize the best way to sleep is when you’re wearing nothing at all.

I grew up in a family where my parents slept nude, and funny enough we kids wore pajamas to bed. And now, as I’ve gotten older, my parents still sleep nude (although my mom’s more modest about family members seeing each other nude) and now in my own place I sleep nude, which I have learned over the years is truly the best way to sleep. I’ve worn all from warm pajamas to hot gym shorts, and I used to sweat in bed a lot. As I started getting older, I started just wearing underwear to bed. For years growing up, I enjoyed the freedom of being naked, but I was always afraid to do so because of what people would think if they saw me in the nude. Finally, after working as an art model and finding enough confidence in myself to officially proclaim myself a nudist, I started sleeping nude all the time…and since I have never regretted it.

You know it’s funny, because every time on TV you see people sleeping in bed, whether it’s for a sleep-aid, or a bed being advertised on TV the couple is always depicted sleeping with clothes on. It’s like when you see ads for families riding in the car, the kids are always in the back seat, because of course they want to promote safety for children. Or fast food commercials for kids meals and the kids are nowadays always eating healthy apples or mandarins instead of fries, to promote better health. Well I know one reason why they always show people in beds with their clothes on, and it’s because of the common myth about society widely looking on nudity as something sexual and shouldn’t be shown on TV. Well, to me, I just feel like depicting people sleeping clothed in bed is a way of boosting that myth, showing that nudity is bad—isn’t that ironic? If people really want to promote better health, I feel they should promote sleeping naked instead of outlawing it. It’s just like the media makes you think bald eagles sound like red-tailed hawks, just to make their ads or movies look and/or sound more attractive.

Like we all know, the porn industry makes money off of the human body—and many have resorted to the fact that because so many see nudity as something sexual because of what the porn industry has done to make money, that all nudity should be bad and shameful, and it’s just not right. And online you read so many articles nowadays about the benefits of sleeping casually nude, and how it’s truly healthier.

Society has put a big lie on what life is really all about—and because of this people, worry about seeing casual nudity, “Oh am I going to be aroused?” “Oh, you’re naked!” “Whaaaat?” SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! And the best way in my opinion to get comfortable with it is to practice simple nudity in your home, and the best way is to lose the clothes and sleep the way nature intended you.

The only thing wrong with nudity is the way people look at it—and because of that, the way people are taught by society to embrace it. Big wake-up call needs to be done, because nudity is not something bad or to be ashamed of, it’s a perfectly normal thing. And you do not need someone with a naïve mind telling you or showing you that sleeping nude is anything more than probably the healthiest way to sleep.

I’ve seen The Doctors talk about sleeping nude, videos from the Discovery Channel, they’ve talked about it on the Today Show on NBC, experts have shown sleeping nude is healthier than sleeping with clothes, so I think if people are going to take the time to advertise things having to do with sleep, show the healthier way of sleeping, with nothing on! And I think this display of simple, non-sexual nudity will help people see being naked really is the better way to live and nothing to fear.

Have a great day friends, and #NudeOn! I will talk to you soon.

David B

Good Naked Morning: Think Positive and Don’t Judge!

Good naked morning, friends! I hope you’re enjoyin’ this wonderful Saturday morning, nude I hope!

Unfortunately it’s a rainy Saturday up here in my neck of the woods, and yeah it’s fall, a little too cold to be outside without a coat, but you know what friends? Let’s celebrate anyway, it’s another day to be alive and see what the new day has ahead of us. If you’ve ever heard of or seen the musical “Mame” (whether Angela Lansbury on Broadway or Lucille Ball on the big screen), take her advice, and declare a holiday because according to Mame, this very minute has history in it. It’s today! Plus fall means apple season, and I’m looking forward to going out for a hot apple dumpling and some ice cream later today.

Yeah, so a reason I’ve been away for some time is simply because I’ve been working almost every weekend—many of you may know, I work for a community cable TV station, and there’s constantly been things going on each of the last few weekends, plus a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to also get some time to get out with one of my friends to go out hunting (even though we didn’t see anything, it was just too warm of a morning). So I really haven’t had much time to just relax on a Saturday morning and write to you.

I’ve also just been battling a headcold all week—last weekend I was filming a local high school volleyball tournament all day Saturday, and I think I caught it while I was going around the school all day. Tuesday I actually had to take the day off work just ‘cause I felt so lousy, and the medicine I was taking in addition to a headache and being to lazy to eat made me sick to my stomach. I did return to work the next day though, and now I’m starting to feel quite a bit better. But that Tuesday, I did spend much of the day resting in bed, in the nude! Being naked did help me cope with how sick I felt.

Friends, I remember seeing this old pic of our friend Marc from the UK, whom I interviewed earlier this year and shared his story, and thought I’d share ’cause there’s a wise piece of advice here we can relate to.


“Look at yourself first before judging others.” (Credit: @MarkNudy via Tumblr)

So this post reminded me of when I was checking my FB feed a couple weeks ago to learn the news that a kid I graduated with in high school had passed away. This kid had to be one of the geekiest kids in the school, I admit it, I used to tease him, and I wasn’t the most popular kid in school myself—since then, I’ve grown up a lot and am sorry for what I did, and I was shocked when I found out he’d passed away, nobody knew how this kid died. But yeah, just as he wasn’t perfect, neither was I and still am not to this day. I feel sorry for his grieving family, and wish the best for them.

I know, we’re all guilty of judging others before we judge ourselves—we’re all our worst hypocrites. But we constantly have to keep reminding ourselves we’re not perfect and we should not put others down for being different than ourselves. Naturism has been a great way of helping me remember that, and showing how everyone is uniquely beautiful and matters no matter what we look like or what we agree/disagree on. Like I said, I’m only human, and there are some things I don’t agree with, but I’m working on it, just as we all do every day.

Again, have a great day friends! Think positively, and remember, we’re all human and imperfect, make somebody smile today—even if they’re a lot different than you. Best to y’all, and #NudeOn!

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