Good naked morning everybody!

I know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written, it’s just becoming a busy month at work, especially as one of my co-workers just literally quit on account of stress and misunderstandings, and now I have to sacrifice some of my filming assignments just so I can get by without overloading myself. With local Christmas programs and events, December elk season here in Northern Michigan and local high school sports, it’s going to be one of the busiest months I’ve had yet. I was shocked when I got the text from her last night, and it’s been hard trying to wrap my head around this, but I feel the right thing for me is to turn down filming some things and thin up my load, as much as I hate to.

But I do need some room to breathe, just some time to get away from the office and meditate. Because of work and other commitments, I also haven’t had much time to be involved with naturism lately, but don’t worry friends, I’m still here, I still plan on being involved with naturism, just right now in my life I’m just so busy—not just work, but I also happen to be active in my church, plus I also hunt, so forgive me if you don’t see as many blogs, but as the new year comes in and things start winding down again I’ll have more time to be active on my social media again. I’ve really come to appreciate free time I get, and the times I get to spend with my fellow naturists, as well as my church family. It’s always good to have a strong support system when you’re feeling down and stressed, like I’ve been feeling lately.

Friends, I hope y’all have a wonderful December, the holiday season’s come up on us, I hope you have a great Christmas or whatever other December occasions you may be celebrating. I hope you can spend some time with the ones you love—I know I will, despite how busy I’ll be, I’m going to a Christmas party tomorrow for my church group, today’s our community Christmas fireworks, and I’m looking forward to all the Christmas movies to watch and music to listen to. If I don’t get to write before Christmas, I hope y’all have a great one. Plus, I’ll still keep up with my social media when I get the chance, bear with me. But I truly hope y’all have a great day, and #NudeOn!

Best to you,
David B