Good naked morning, friends! This is a very special good naked morning because it happens to be coming on my 3rd anniversary of this blog this week, and my 3rd anniversary of officially declaring myself a nudist/naturist.

It’s been quite a year—my second at my job, unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog as much as I used to, and I have been under a lot of anxiety at work lately with projects and misunderstandings with my bosses. But naturism has helped me with finding relaxation and helping reduce my stress.

Within the last three years, going through all the blog posts I’ve written, I find it amazing how much I have grown as a person and as a naturist. When I started out as a nudist after really coming to accept myself working as an art model during my college years, I had no idea I’d become as involved as I have, and I have met so many great fellow naturists near and far. Starting on social media—then last year, fortunately able to finally join AANR and go to a naturist club and making a bunch of new friends. This year, unfortunately, I haven’t been as fortunate to get to my club because of work, and when I did, weather somehow had to conflict—the temperature going down, raining, or just not enough people to play water volleyball in the club pool. One thing I’m glad about was that this last Christmas, I was able to get a newer vehicle to replace my old one that, at 10 years old, was going on the fritz—the computer sensors were out of whack, my Service Engine Soon light would keep coming on and going off at the weirdest times, and then there were times when the ignition wouldn’t start. The last time I took that old car down to Ann Arbor to see my naturist friends down there last year, the wheel bearings gave out and it was a good $800 dollars of my saved-up stipend money to get fixed. Now that I have a more dependable newer SUV, I was fortunate to go down to Detroit earlier this year to see my Detroit/Ann Arbor area naturist friends at their midwinter meet-and-greet, and am hoping to be invited back again this coming winter.

I’m hoping that this coming year I can have some better luck with being more sociable in the naturist realm. With my busy work schedule and numerous expenses, it hasn’t been easy getting out there. But I’m keeping my spirits up, because tomorrow is another day, and next year is a new year with so many possibilities ahead. It’s like in the story of Cinderella—no matter how much Cinderella got pushed around, abused and humiliated by her jealous step-family, she continued to remain positive about every new dawn as someday her dreams of happiness would someday come. I’ll say the same about this past year—like I said, it hasn’t been easy to spend time with fellow naturists, but this next year I’m sure things will turn out better if I really believe they will and continue to remain positive about what the future will bring.

Have a good day, friends—and keep your eye out as I share some of my favorite posts throughout the last three years I’ve been writing on Twitter and in the FB group. And even though I don’t go by Buck anymore, I still love the freedom of being nude and still remain dedicated to spreading the positive message about naturism, simple nudity and body acceptance.

#NudeOn friends, and have a great day, and a great week!

David B