Good naked morning, friends!

This fall weather up here in my neck of the woods has been kinda weird, but at the same time nice. I was out in a hunting blind yesterday morning and we didn’t see very many deer, I knew it was getting too warm, it’s another 70-degree weekend up here. It feels great while driving around on the job, but it’s not the greatest for hunting, at least not up here—I do pray for the best my friends at the nearby sportsman’s club who are doing their annual Independence Hunt this weekend for the 100% disabled and our vets. It’s also not the greatest weather for allergies, despite being over my recent headcold these changing temps are affecting my sinuses, and making me cough like crazy. But at least I’m not sick anymore, I’m happy about that. And it’s been absolutely beautiful around here, I’ve been taking color tours pretty much every weekend because the autumn leaves are just so beautiful in the forests just outside of town where I live up here in Northern Michigan.

So I was just watching a video not that long ago talking about a British beach town opening their beach up to nudists, and the reporter was interviewing a lot of the locals in town, many of whom were angry about the decision, thinking automatically that it’s all about sex. One complained saying it wouldn’t be right for kids to see—WHY NOT??? It all comes from the long-time myth about nudity being sexual, of course I would not want my kids to see porn or people having sex in public, that’s just wrong. But simple nudity is not about sex—it’s about comfort in your own skin and appreciating whom you really are. And kids are natural-born nudists, I know, I used to love running around the yard in nothing but my birthday suit. If anything, families should better teach their children about the differences between simple nudity and sex—don’t stop your kids from running around nude, I’d encourage it. All this myth about nudity being a bad thing has to do with how people are raised, and the more we raise our kids to think nudity is bad, the more they’re going to believe it.

It makes me think about riding around with one of the volunteers for this Independence Hunt I’ve been filming for work yesterday, in which I was telling him about how much I enjoy the area and how I feel like a lot of the news you hear today all seems to be towards the masses, the majority of US population that lives in metropolitan areas and you next to never hear about rural America. And he was talking about how as part of this hunt, when it comes to driving out to help collect deer and assisting hunters, he doesn’t have a problem with driving back and forth numerous times for miles in the same day, and how he feels from his experience how a lot of city people would go crazy going from place to place for long distances when they have everything right near them. Everybody’s different, and if you’re not familiar with something it can be hard for you to accept something new and really understand it.

And relating back to naturism and how a majority of society doesn’t understand it illustrates this pretty well. That’s why even though I wasn’t raised a nudist, I’m hoping I can raise my children to better accept their bodies, I would definitely encourage a clothing-optional household. If my kids see me nude, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I feel there should be more efforts made to encourage simple nudity, especially showing it more in TV adversiting. I’ve seen ads for humor, like a Serta ad with a guy wanting to be a nudist and his wife’s comfortable with it now that they have their new bed, that ad makes me laugh—we need more ads with simple nudity, and I think that will better demonstrate to the public that simple nudity is not sexual and it shouldn’t be a problem.

And whyever we blur our body parts is ridiculous too—as I’ve said before, this is why there’s such a disconnect for people. Our world has become so sexually generated, much of it from the porn industry making money, people have lost the fact that the male penis and genitalia and the female breasts are just normal parts of the body with a function like any other. If somebody has a problem with seeing a penis on TV and bothering to block it out because that’s a “sexual” body part supposedly, then you might as well blur out the hands, the mouth, the feet, everything. Same with a woman’s breasts and vulva. Obviously I am against the idea of purposely exposing your regional body parts for sexual purpose (which evolves from sexual society’s exploitation of the body), but the sight of a simple naked person shouldn’t be a big deal. I already know I’m straight and I’m interested in women, so the sight of a penis does not bother me. I think guys who do have a problem with seeing a full naked man have some kind of problem with themselves—same with women. If you’re going to bother showing simple nudity on TV, don’t blur it. Simple as that.

It’s still hard for me to open up to people about being a nudist/naturist, and a lot of the times when I do go to my regular club, I simply tell people I’m going to see friends—because that’s what I’m doing. We act just as we do with clothes on, we just feel more comfortable without, but act just as though we would if we were clothed.

Friends, I’d like to get your opinion. What do you think we can do to make strides to help better positively advocate the positives of naturism to the public?

I’ll talk to y’all soon, and have a great day…and #NudeOn!

David B