Good naked morning!

Hey friends, it’s a new morning! Hope y’all slept well last night…and nude, I hope. You know it’s funny, because so many people are so afraid of the human body they don’t realize the best way to sleep is when you’re wearing nothing at all.

I grew up in a family where my parents slept nude, and funny enough we kids wore pajamas to bed. And now, as I’ve gotten older, my parents still sleep nude (although my mom’s more modest about family members seeing each other nude) and now in my own place I sleep nude, which I have learned over the years is truly the best way to sleep. I’ve worn all from warm pajamas to hot gym shorts, and I used to sweat in bed a lot. As I started getting older, I started just wearing underwear to bed. For years growing up, I enjoyed the freedom of being naked, but I was always afraid to do so because of what people would think if they saw me in the nude. Finally, after working as an art model and finding enough confidence in myself to officially proclaim myself a nudist, I started sleeping nude all the time…and since I have never regretted it.

You know it’s funny, because every time on TV you see people sleeping in bed, whether it’s for a sleep-aid, or a bed being advertised on TV the couple is always depicted sleeping with clothes on. It’s like when you see ads for families riding in the car, the kids are always in the back seat, because of course they want to promote safety for children. Or fast food commercials for kids meals and the kids are nowadays always eating healthy apples or mandarins instead of fries, to promote better health. Well I know one reason why they always show people in beds with their clothes on, and it’s because of the common myth about society widely looking on nudity as something sexual and shouldn’t be shown on TV. Well, to me, I just feel like depicting people sleeping clothed in bed is a way of boosting that myth, showing that nudity is bad—isn’t that ironic? If people really want to promote better health, I feel they should promote sleeping naked instead of outlawing it. It’s just like the media makes you think bald eagles sound like red-tailed hawks, just to make their ads or movies look and/or sound more attractive.

Like we all know, the porn industry makes money off of the human body—and many have resorted to the fact that because so many see nudity as something sexual because of what the porn industry has done to make money, that all nudity should be bad and shameful, and it’s just not right. And online you read so many articles nowadays about the benefits of sleeping casually nude, and how it’s truly healthier.

Society has put a big lie on what life is really all about—and because of this people, worry about seeing casual nudity, “Oh am I going to be aroused?” “Oh, you’re naked!” “Whaaaat?” SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! And the best way in my opinion to get comfortable with it is to practice simple nudity in your home, and the best way is to lose the clothes and sleep the way nature intended you.

The only thing wrong with nudity is the way people look at it—and because of that, the way people are taught by society to embrace it. Big wake-up call needs to be done, because nudity is not something bad or to be ashamed of, it’s a perfectly normal thing. And you do not need someone with a naïve mind telling you or showing you that sleeping nude is anything more than probably the healthiest way to sleep.

I’ve seen The Doctors talk about sleeping nude, videos from the Discovery Channel, they’ve talked about it on the Today Show on NBC, experts have shown sleeping nude is healthier than sleeping with clothes, so I think if people are going to take the time to advertise things having to do with sleep, show the healthier way of sleeping, with nothing on! And I think this display of simple, non-sexual nudity will help people see being naked really is the better way to live and nothing to fear.

Have a great day friends, and #NudeOn! I will talk to you soon.

David B