Good naked morning, friends!

Well it’s that time of the year again—the “Summer vacation” season is done, and all the kids are back in school, and the chilly air has come upon us here in Northern Michigan. Fall is just around the corner, and unfortunately a lot of our favorite nudist/naturist destinations are closing for the season. But don’t fret friends, I know next summer’s a long way off, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the colder weather, even if you do have to wear clothes. And you can still visit friends and spend time in the buff at home…just keep in mind, you might have to turn up your thermostat a bit, like me, but I’m still managing.

Matter of fact, since I’ve moved up here for work, I’ve really come to embrace each season in its own way—because there’s unique stuff that goes on each time of the year. So I can’t be nude for it all, especially not for work, but fall is exciting because one, it’s apple season—our local apple farm is back open and I’m actually thinking of getting some hot (and possibly hard some time in the future too from their tasting room) cider again today and one of their famous donuts! Plus it’s hunting season, and I’m looking forward to going back out with my pastor and her hubby and have some better luck out in the blind getting hopefully a buck this year. Plus they’ve been great helping me get out on the water on a couple of our many nearby lakes recently to do some fishing, even though I’ve just been catching little ones–I’d always wanted to get more involved with the outdoors, but I was always afraid to ask before (and didn’t know where to start)! Plus it’s fall festival weekend and I got to try kielbasa for the first time last night over at Posen’s Potato Festival, which is a festival up here every September all about celebrating a long-time legacy of local potato farmers and the area’s major Polish heritage. When I come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll try some polka dancing, despite not knowing much about polka music.

One thing I know—many of my friends are happy to see me get out of my boat, as many of my brothers and sisters from church say. I’ve truly been blessed to find a family that cares about me opening up to all I can experience—many of them know there are still certain foods I don’t like, and things I haven’t tried yet—and just as Jesus said, if you’re willing to follow him to get out of your boat and let go of the things that hold you back. I feel like I’ve slowly been doing just that, continuing every day to try new things and conquer my inner fears that hold me back. Well either way, it’s never too late to try something new—good grief, if I hadn’t been so shy, I could’ve asked one of the lovely ladies in the festival’s royal court for a dance, silly me…at least I tried kielbasa, that was a start, which I’d never tried before—that was a real treat.

Friends, that’s one expression many of us can relate to—many of us who are naturists now weren’t always naturists from the start. Some of us are, but some of us found naturism out of some kind of curiosity, like I did. Many of us grew up in more “modest” families like I did, who had hangups about themselves and were afraid to have anybody see them nude—which is odd, because for instance my mother never used to care when we were kids, but as she got older she became more self-conscious about herself. We all still have our hangups, even as naturists—we are only human. But we can all slowly come more and more out of our boat, conquering our fears and opening our minds to new things, as we help more of society get out of their boats and realize how simple nudity is not anything sexual or anything to be censored or ashamed of.

I mean, like I said I’m not perfect either—there are people I’m still afraid to tell that I’m a naturist, and it’s of course something I don’t talk about in the workplace. But I feel I’ve slowly broke the news to others and in the end I’ve felt much better, sometimes it’s hard to speak up because we’re afraid of what will happen in the end—I come from a family of people whom I feel worry way to much, and because of that I know I worry way more than I really should. But I feel within these past few years I’ve been an official nudist/naturist and just within this time I’ve been able to make a new life for myself as a young adult, I’ve slowly been coming out of my boat (my “comfort zone”) and opening myself up to all the world has to offer. And if we help fellow members of society get out of their boats and see how wonderful simple nudity is, we can all be a happier society. Tell a friend about naturism today, or at least find something new that opens you up to something new and make you a better person. And that happens to be one reason, it just shows, we naturists are happier, because we’ve come to find our simple nudity and imperfect bodies are OK and not as bad as society has made us think they should be.

Friends, have a great day, and hopefully nude if you can. Love y’all, and I’ll talk to ya later—till then, have fun and #NudeOn!

David B