Good naked morning, friends!

I don’t know about you, but up here in my neck of the woods, it’s been a pretty chilly summer at times, and it’s hard to believe it’s finally coming to a close. Well it’s nothing we can control as human beings—only the good Lord above knows the right time for everything. But at least I’ll be getting back to my regular naturist destination, Spruce Hollow, this weekend for Labor Day tomorrow and Monday, which I’m excited about.

It’s just been a busy summer for me—with lots of events taking place around Northern Michigan here where I live, including numerous local summer festivals and county fairs, and within the next month, fall festivals. And it just hasn’t been easy being able to get out there in naturism as much as I wish I could have. Especially as my nearest club happens to be a good two-hour drive for me, but at least we can kick the summer out the right way, weather looks great in the high 70s and mostly sunny for Sunday (and hopefully the rain will hold off Monday ‘til evening, I’m prayin’).

All I can hope is that next summer can bring me better luck in the nudist world—one big thing is living where I do, it’s just very hard to find naturist friends who have a lot in common with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met lots of great nudists/naturists in person and over social media, but I just feel like it’s still hard to be me sometimes when I know I’m in a minority in so many things—it’s not easy to find fellow naturist friends who love the country and outdoor living, as well as being a Christian and having a more moderate or Conservative view on life. I mean, I know the majority of our society is concentrated around urban areas and most naturists may have more liberal views on things than myself, but I’m sure there are other nudists/naturists out there like myself—they’re just a lot more rare to find because there just aren’t as many of them.

Getting off the naturist subject a little bit, just living in rural America can be hard sometimes. I love it, don’t get me wrong, and it’s the main way I’ve known to live my entire life, but I just feel like we in rural America always get the short end of the stick. Pretty much almost every ad I see on national network TV, or a good 90-95% of the national news you see on TV, seems to target more the city or suburban type, and you next to never see advertising geared towards the small-town/country man. I mean I understand the majority of US population is concentrated as I said before around major cities, but we in small-town America are just as important and unfortunately not a lot of us get the opportunity to get our opinions heard—and it’s funny, because we the 15% or so of the country’s population but we make up about three quarters of the country in size. And I know how it’s like being overlooked, especially as I was bullied as a kid for being different. Well I just feel like that whole trend goes on in society, people don’t understand each other enough and because of that, there’s a big cultural divide.

And going back to being a naturist, I think that’s important—and that’s one reason I decided to speak up, because I know there are other naturists like me, we just don’t as often get our voices heard. I mean just because I’m not the most liberal person in the world and don’t participate in World Naked Bike Rides doesn’t mean I can’t be comfortable in my own skin and feel connected more to nature when I’m my true, simply naked self. And it isn’t easy when a lot of people who I do have stuff in common with don’t agree with my decision to be a naturist. All we can do is, like any minority, fight the good fight and keep our hopes up that some day our voices can be heard and we can be accepted just as we are.

Plus just work can get ya like it did me—living almost paycheck to paycheck, and working for a local cable station covering all these events around our region doesn’t leave me a lot of time to take the long trek just so I can socialize with fellow nudists/naturists, it just isn’t easy. But again, all we can do is think positively and know that even though summer may be ending, we can still find strides to connect with fellow naturists and there’s always next summer.

Friends, I hope you have fun this Labor Day weekend, and I hope you can kick out the summer with a bang, hopefully nude. ‘Til later, y’all have fun and #NudeOn!

David B