Good naked morning friends!

Yeah, I know, it’s a Friday morning instead of my usual Saturday—well fact is, I’m goin’ out of town for the weekend today—after a rough day at work yesterday, I’m glad to finally have a day off, and I’m gonna go down to see my parents for their 30th anniversary…and yeah, I’m gonna be dressed the majority of the time. Well I am looking forward to seeing them, because one I’ve been real busy with work (hence why I haven’t had a Saturday morning blog post in a while), and I just haven’t seen my folks in a while.

OK, I was just literally watching The Today Show this morning, and during the Popstart segment, Sheinelle brings up country-pop artist Shania Twain’s 90s hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much” in which she mentions in the song “OK, so you’re Brad Pitt?…that don’t impress me much!” And it all has to do with a nude centerfold Pitt did for Playgirl magazine, and Shania remembered seeing it in the ladies’ “Playboy equivalent” mag and how much it didn’t impress her, as she says “we see people naked every day.” Well, I got two ways of looking on this issue.

First of all, I remember reading not that long ago in an online article about celebrity nudists, that Brad said in a CNN interview one that he’s “naked all the time at home”—which is great, it’s good to see there are celebrities who are nudists.

Other way I look on it, yeah Shania says, we see naked people all the time, and not all of us are as “handsome” or sexy looking as Pitt, but you know what? That’s OK, too. Because truly, no matter what you look like, man or woman, you are wonderful and you deserve to be happy in the skin you live in. A majority of society seems to dictate in advertising or everyday life what a perfect body is supposed to be—fit, hairless and sculpted, to supposedly feel happy with yourself. It’s not everyday people see somebody who might be overweight, or thin, or what some “high-life” a**holes would consider ugly, and because it’s something we don’t see everyday, it can be hard for some to accept their bodies as they are.

And worse, it’s things like magazines like Playboy (or Playgirl, for the ladies), the porn world, perverts and peer pressure that really hurt people’s looks on the body, and because of that there are so many people afraid to see them nude, especially for a non-sexual reason, and that just isn’t right. So you may have a little excess body hair on ya, you may be overweight, you may be thin like me, whatever breast size or genital size or whatever. God created us each very unique, and he did that for a reason. One thing, wouldn’t life be boring if we were all exactly the same?

The way I see it—every man and woman should be, as our friend Marc has said before, #HappyInUrOwnSkin. Being an art model was a great step for me to gain confidence in myself, in addition to the inner urge I just seemed to have when I was a kid to get naked (but was always afraid to back then, because of people’s reactions), and I really came to accept my body for what it is. So should you, you are awesome just the way you are, and you have every right to be happy in your naked skin just as anyone else should be—it’s you, you’re unique and you’re awesome! Let the real you shine through.

Friends, let’s think body positive—love the skin you’re in, and I hope y’all have a great weekend–naked if you can, or even if you’re dressed like I’m gonna be, still have a great weekend. Plus next weekend I’m looking forward to goin’ back to my regular nude club, Spruce Hollow, for Labor Day weekend! It’s all good. #NudeOn y’all, and I’ll talk to ya soon.

David B