Hey, good naked morning friends!

It’s probably the only free Saturday morning I’ll have for a few weeks to write my Saturday morning blog, due to projects for work. I still have to work this afternoon unfortunately, but it will be a fun day, as I will be covering our local county fair. Anyway, I couldn’t miss the chance to have some relaxing nude time in the morning and write.

How did y’all sleep last night? Tell you the truth, it’s been awful trying to get to sleep the last few nights for me, just because of how hot it is! My apartment isn’t air conditioned, and having the ceiling fan going in my room did not help—especially with the noise keeping me awake, and just the humidity of the room, even with the window open. I was up numerous times throughout the night, I even ended up taking numerous trips to the bathroom so I could get a drink of cold water to stay hydrated. Well I’m up now anyway, and just enjoying the relaxing time before I must get dressed for work. The next few weeks will be busy—next week is the next county over’s county fair, then a big race rally and finally V-J Parade Festivities. A busy month for me ahead—but every morning, I still start the day with a couple hours in the buff before I shower and must get ready.

It wasn’t a long rant today friends, but I do hope you can soak up any time of relaxation you can get. I know I am, I hope y’all have a great day, and #NudeOn.

David B