It isn’t easy goin’ nude around non-naturist friends, especially when you live in a small town in a very conservative area. As a nudist, of course, I love to be nude, but where I live seems like the only place I can really do it here anyway is in my home with the blinds shut.

Naturist Thoughts

If this is how you enjoy most mornings, could you do so with non-naturist guests over? How about at a friends house? Maybe….if you’re willing to consider it.

“Yes I am…..and loving it”!

An oft discussed topic, to the point of monotony, is how to move naturism into the mainstream. In other words, how to make it so you can sit out in your back yard nude without fear of someone seeing, you getting arrested, labeled a sexual predator, losing your job, and pretty much ruining your life. Ok, maybe I took that to an extreme….maybe not.

But anyway, a lot of people point to events such as The Naked Bike Ride as a good example of an event that supports this idea by placing simple non-sexual nudity into the public spectrum. Among other things, to some, it can desexualize nudity and allow it to be seen as something generally…

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