Good naked morning, friends!

It’s another beautiful, sunny Saturday up here in Northern Michigan, and I’m definitely feeling in better spirits than I was yesterday. It’s a great morning to just sit and relax in the nude—and even though I’ve got to get dressed and have things to do later on, at least I can take a few hours this morning to just enjoy the moment.

Believe me friends, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately at work. As some of you might know, I work for a local cable TV station, and summer is our big time—and there’s just been so much going on lately, so many work assignments and things I need to edit back at the office. Today there’s an annual historical reenactment event one of our nearby lighthouses puts on every year, and initially I talked to my co-worker to see if she’d be available to film it, and even though she said yes at the time, she ended up taking off sick today and has to see the doctor. And my schedule has been extra busy lately with editing projects I have backed up, and a couple big things happening next week including our local county fair—well first of all yesterday, I came back from lunch after filming a library presentation yesterday morning, and even though I tried working my best the rest of the afternoon it was hard to focus because my anxiety was kicking in, so as soon as 5:00 hit, I left and went over to see a free concert 25 minutes away in the next town. It was a great evening of Christian music with elements of classic ‘70s pop, country, Motown soul, blues and ‘50s-60s rock-n-roll sounds mixed in—plus I got to talk with some people I knew, including one of my friends from church. Then, of course, I come back, and throughout the day I was trying to get a hold of my co-worker to see if she’d be available because I hadn’t heard from her—her husband, whom also works with me, calls me after I leave the concert, and says she’s sick. I told him initially I’d take care of the filming, but once I returned home, my anxiety got the best (or should I say, worst) of me. I called my parents because I was feeling frustrated about feeling overworked, and while I was on the phone, I basically had an anxiety attack—I was getting shaky and hysterical, crying, and despite being after 10:00 I just had to call my bosses and tell them it was just too much for me, I can’t do this. They understood, they know I have anxiety issues, so they told me just take some time to relax and start fresh on Monday—they told me I shouldn’t have to stress myself as I do, I know I worry way more than I should a lot.

Another thing that added to my anxiety yesterday was watching a video when I got back about an Islamist in England, who wants every woman in England to cover up head to toe, and it should happen in America too. And as this reporter on CBS’s 60 Minutes is interviewing him about democracy and free speech, he asks, if I have freedom of speech, why can’t I tell somebody to cover up and you do as I say? And I love her answer, she says, “that’s absurd!” You cannot dictate other people’s actions, clear as that, that’s a big thing I have to say. That’s one thing I hate—selfish a**holes who are so self-absorbed they can’t accept anybody who isn’t just like them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’ve all got things we don’t agree on, everybody’s different, but in sane society, people respect each other for their differences. Matter of fact, recently, I’ve tried ignoring videos like this, just because they get my temper up, in addition to the other anxiety I have in my life. It’s hard enough for me sometimes to even watch network commercial breaks during shows on TV, just because of how overdone a lot of them are and just for how generic and the same they all are, and how much I disagree with how stereotyped a lot of them are or disagree with their message, or just all they do to make the product more attractive with an unrealistic style ad—I just mute the TV and turn my head because the madness becomes too much for me.

This is one reason I’ve come to love naturism—when I lose my clothes and I can interact with fellow naturists, it really helps my stress levels go down significantly. I can forget about work, and all the stuff that gets my dander up if you know what I’m sayin’—and that’s one reason I like writing these blog posts when I have a free Saturday morning.

Matter of fact, a couple weeks ago, as some of you may know, I went down to Spruce Hollow outside Mesick last weekend, and despite low 70s weather I still had a good time. I still got to play some bocce ball, take a swim in the pool and do a lot of chatting—I’m also glad I got to visit an older friend of mine while I was down there, we were chatting for hours! Another thing I just recently learned while talking to my parents on the phone a couple nights ago, an old acquaintance of my dad’s has started becoming interested in nudism after learning his pastor at church was a nudist. His wife’s more of a modest and isn’t exactly keen on the idea, but this guy, a farmer and avid outdoorsman, no less, is interested in trying a resort—so I definitely gave my dad some recommendations, including my regular place, Spruce Hollow. Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn about people?

So friends, I hope you find some happiness in your day, and hope you get some time to relax too…hopefully nude. Even though I’ve got some shopping to do later, there’s another free concert today I think I’ll go to, maybe even take a swim! I’m just going to take my mind off work and relax, things will get better, I know it. It’s going to be 80 here and sunny, so I’m going to make the best of it.

I hope you can too, y’all. Have a great day, and #NudeOn!

All the best,
David B