Good naked morning, friends!

It’s almost the 4th of July here in the United States, and I know many of us will be going to our favorite resorts to celebrate—I, as a matter of fact, plan on going to my nearest club, Spruce Hollow, later today. I’m just prayin’ the weather cooperates, it showed it being in the 70s (earlier in the week it said high 70s, now it’s showing lower 70s with rain in the forecast, either way I still plan to go and hope it’s not a washout—I’m lookin’ forward hopefully to playin’ some water volleyball and catchin’ up with another old friend of mine down there.

Anyway friends, I know we’ve been hearing quite a bit lately about textile backlash towards media nudity…even accidental. Recently, a girl made an uproar about seeing a bathing suit with Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” in which her shell bra wasn’t printed on it and she felt as though the sight of her breasts “ruined her childhood”—seriously, what is the matter with some people’s thinking? It makes me also think of the classic horror film of “Carrie” (one of my favorite horror films), in which Carrie’s preparing to go to prom, putting on her makeup and her dress, and her inhibited religious fanatic mom says she could see Carrie’s “dirty pillows” and everyone else would. Carrie of course tells her mother they’re just breasts, and that everyone has them. Very true. Why are people afraid of even words describing natural parts of the body?

Also, not that long ago, I found an article online about a bunch of homophobic backlash about guys seeing the cover of latest ESPN Body Issue when the network leaked the cover on Twitter, featuring Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. Guys didn’t like seeing Zeke nude on the ad, saying they’re blocking ESPN and don’t want to see athlete strippers…WTH? Somebody else even called it “straight garbage”. Reminds me of my old best friend from college (if you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may remember this a couple years ago), who got uncomfortable when he found out I was a nudist, and it almost ended our friendship because he thought I was gay because seeing the sight of other casually naked guys doesn’t bother me. WHY SERIOUSLY HAVE WE LET OURSELVES BECOME SO AFRAID OF THE BODY? SINCE WHEN HAS THE SITE OF A NAKED MALE OR FEMALE HAD TO CAUSE SUCH A HUGE UPROAR? Big thing—the sight of a casually naked male does not bother me. I also know I am not gay and I’m not bi, but the sight of other males stark naked doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, seeing other guys naked has helped me better accept my body—and it doesn’t affect my thoughts on whom I’m interested in romantically at all. We really need to drop that misconception about nudity being sexual, because NUDITY REALLY ISN’T SEXUAL AT ALL, but too many people don’t realize that.

I think it’s also great Ezekiel Elliott’s reaction to the Body Issue shoot, saying how he feels taking part in the body issue has shown just how much he’s matured from a boy into a man. That’s all it’s about, not any kind of sexual statement. Those stupid, insecure homophobes really need to grow up, they’re not being “manly men”, they’re just turning into more and more big babies.

Going back to that girl who complained about the mistake on the bathing suit with braless Ariel—“The Little Mermaid” was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, matter of fact I always had a secret crush on Ariel. This girl says seeing this mistake ruined her experience of a movie she loved as a kid—let me tell you something, I’ve seen Ariel more naked than that in the film, how about when the sea witch Ursula transforms Ariel into a human in exchange for her voice? After Ariel signs Ursula’s contract, the sea witch transforms Ariel’s fins into human legs and feet (NAKED, no less), and it’s all shown there, nothing objectionable of course, just legs and feet…and don’t forget her famous hair flip as Ariel approaches the surface…and she’s still bottomless. How seriously has that girl never noticed? C’mon people, it’s just a body, not a sexual situation to cause such an uproar about. How about Disney’s “Fantasia”? In “The Nutracker Suite” for instance, the fairies in the “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” and “Waltz of the Flowers” sequences, they’re naked too. In “The Pastoral Symphony”, the female centaurettes are commonly seen braless. All the centaurs are topless, male and female, and the women are bare-chested! And both of these movies are both rated G, isn’t that amazing? And I haven’t really heard any uproar about it, there’s nothing sexual about it—SO THERE’S NOTHING PEOPLE NEED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT! It’s just a body, and everyone has one. Oh…and let’s not forget, the old 30s Disney cartoon “King Neptune”, and there are bare-chested mermaids there too! Again, nothing to cause an uproar about. Seriously, there are worse things we could see. If it was a situation where there was some kind of erotic fondling or something, that’s crossing the line and should be properly dealt with—but in this case there’s nothing sexual going on, so there’s really nothing to cause an uproar about!

There’s no reason we need to spark such an uproar over the naked body, regardless of gender. Too many “manly men” out there, if you think about it, really are deeply insecure with themselves—it’s just like a lot of men are afraid to show emotion in public, and are afraid if someone does see them cry it makes them a wuss or again, the “gay” myth. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our insecurities, man or woman—I have mine too, but we should not be afraid to express our emotions, just like we shouldn’t be afraid to be who we really are in our own skin without it having to be sexual.

Men seeing other men naked in a casual, non-sexual light is not something to be made a scandal about, same with females seeing other females naked. Even guys seeing girls naked casually, this shouldn’t have to resort to lustful thoughts going through guys’ heads, no less (in my opinion) I don’t think guys should be lusting like this publicly as much as they are, because when other females see it, it commonly makes many just more uncomfortable if they’re body isn’t as perfect feeling as someone else’s, and that just isn’t right. In my opinion, every man and/or woman should have the right to be comfortable in their own skin, if they so choose and shouldn’t have to get backlashed about it. People shouldn’t be afraid of breasts, because everyone has them. Likewise, society shouldn’t have to be afraid of just seeing somebody in their true, natural state without artificial clothes to hide behind.

Oh, how ‘bout this new Cottonelle commercial I saw on TV recently where the Cottonelle lady asks schoolteachers to talk about how they feel after going to the bathroom using Cottonelle toilet paper? The teachers are speechless and just laugh—she then asks the “experts”, the kids! And they’re not afraid to voice their opinion—I like the one where the girls says it makes her feel like “a shimmering mermaid”! Ha ha, that’s great. Why seriously can’t we think more like our kids? I think too many grown-ups think too much (I’m guilty of it myself, and am working on trying not to worry so much, it kinda runs in the family), but there’s really a lot we can learn from our kids. Kids are natural-born nudists for one, many love to run around naked, and there’s nothing sexual about it. They haven’t developed those hormones yet, so they don’t even think about it—kids are commonly happy and carefree, why can’t we grown-ups be more like this too? Why must we overthink things like we do? Why must we put nudity on a pedestal, and always classify it as dirty and inappropriate when it really is not? It’s like the late country legend Patsy Cline sings, “If I could see the world through the eyes of a child, what a wonderful world this would be.” And believe me, I feel strongly about keeping our kids away from age-inappropriate sexual material, but big thing, naturism is a true family affair, and kids should be encouraged to participate. Lot we can learn from them.

Big thing—today’s society needs to wake up, and find there’s nothing to fear of from the body, regardless of gender. We all have a body, and there’s no reason we should be afraid of it or hide it, just because of how society has emphasized bedroom activity too much onto it. Casual nudity is OK, and should be much more widely embraced, not scorned.

So friends, forgive me for the long rant. Just felt like talkin’ this morning and had a lot to say. Anyway, I hope you have a great Saturday friends, and to all my American friends out there, have a great Independence Day! And don’t forget, #NudeOn if you can.

Talk to y’all soon,
David B