Hey friends, welcome to another edition of #YourNudeOnStory. Today, we talk with our friend Björ, a lifelong naturist from Germany. I’ve been following his #TeamNaturist page since I joined Twitter a couple years ago, so let’s sit down with Björ and learn about his experience with the clothes-free lifestyle.

So I understand you’ve been a nudist for quite some time—how did it all start for you, what drew you into nudism/naturism in the first place?
I don’t think I was ever drawn to it per se. I grew up in an era and in a place where naturism – or rather Freikörperkultur (FKK) – was an acceptable way to spend one’s school holidays and weekends.
If you’d like to know who I think “introduced” me to the lifestyle, I’d have to say that that was my maternal grandparents. They were in their twenties in the years leading up to WWII, which was a period in central and northern Europe that was open to new concepts in society, and naturism was one of them. Although I don’t think they would have ever labelled themselves as “nudists” or “naturists”, they took part in naturist camps and events until it became impossible to do so; that being said, when they rediscovered it for themselves in the 1960s/1970s, they did so with gusto. Couple that renewed feeling of natural freedom with my mother’s unconditional love and understanding and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a childhood spent outside with nothing but air between the kid and the sunshine.

What reactions did you get when people found you were a nudist?
Like I said before, it wasn’t too uncommon for people to spend their holidays on the Baltic Sea or the North Sea clothesfree, so I don’t have too many “coming out stories” of my own to tell.
One of my first real memories of encountering “textiles” in their own habitat as it were was when I was in the second year of school. If I recall correctly, I was invited to spend the night at a classmate’s house because The Wizard of Oz was being broadcast that night and we wanted to watch it together. This was particularly important for me because his family had a big colour set and we didn’t. [Yes, I know. I’ve just dated myself.] After the film (and some reassurances from his parents that the evil witch was truly dead) his mother took us upstairs to my classmate’s bedroom and she told us to get ready for bed: I took off all my clothes and he took off his jeans, shirt, and socks, but left his underwear on. We looked at each other semi-perplexed for about fifteen seconds and then he asked if I usually sleep that way. I answered in the affirmative and that was the end of the discussion. When his mother came back to tuck us in for the night, she noticed I was nude but hardly reacted at all; I believe she just raised her eyebrows a bit and then she kissed us both on the forehead before switching off the light and leaving the room.
It was by no means a negative experience, but it did teach me that not everyone does things the same way we do at home.

If, on the other hand, you mean “how do people react when they find out now that I’m a nudist”, then I have to say it depends on who I’m talking to. My students and colleagues occasionally let me know that they’ve come across my twitter feed or I see them at the lake and nothing has ever come of it. Once in a blue moon I’ll run into people who will say things like “I never would have guessed!” or “Really? But you look so normal.”/“You’re not the way I pictured a nudist!”
I should add, though, that I own and operate my place of business, which, in turn, means I don’t have to worry about the boss finding out. 🙂

What do you enjoy most about taking off your clothes? I can’t say I find much enjoyment in it because it’s a pretty natural thing for me to do. In fact, it’s usually the first thing I do when I get home after work.

How do you feel your life journey has excelled since you decided to become a nudist/naturist? That is a difficult question to answer. On the fly, I don’t really know if my life would be any different if I weren’t a naturist with the exception of one aspect of naturist life: self-acceptance. Judging merely by the naturists I have come into contact with over all these years, I’d have to say that the one thing nearly all of us have in common – apart from our lack of attire! – is that we have all come to accept who and what we are. We all eventually get to a point where we say “yes, I have flaps and folds… yes, my hair is thinning rapidly… yes, I have scars up and down my body, but all of these things are part of who I am and these things have led – and continue to lead – to my becoming the person I am today.”

So many of us naturists know your #TeamNaturist memes, what really intrigued you share your naturist lifestyle and start Team Naturist on social media?
#TeamNaturist was born of a number of things, not the least of which was my dislike of what I’d been seeing portrayed as naturism on the internet – twitter in particular.
I joined Twitter at the behest of a Welsh acquaintance of mine years ago and over time I started noticing that a lot of people who had “nudist” or “naturist” or “FKK” in their profiles or in their tweets were not necessarily dyed-in-the-wool naturists as I tend to define them; on the contrary, the spectrum seemed to range from swingers and porn mongers at one end to really superbly talented artists displaying their nudes at the other. I felt I needed to “commune” in a manner of speaking with people who think and act as I do.
As time went on and I made the acquaintance of other naturists both here and “in real life”, #TeamNaturist evolved. If I were put on the spot, I’d have to say the intention behind it now is twofold: we should portray naturism and its many facets – whether it be home nudism or free range naturism – as realistically as possible *and* we should lead by example, i.e. actions speak louder than words: if people actually see the way we work and live, we can dispel some of the misconceptions about our lifestyle.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff? I live my life as clothes-free as possible, so nothing really jumps to mind. I can tell you there are a few things I really hate doing in the buff: ironing, hoovering, and washing windows come to mind immediately – but I think I’d dislike doing those things just as much if I were a textile.

Do you have any special place(s) you like to go where you can enjoy yourself and just be nude? There are three FKK lakes not very far from where I work and live, but the one I seem to go to the most is outside the German village of Heuchelheim. I’ve been going there for years now because there’s a really nice mix of ages, ethnicities, and so on. If I don’t have that much time, I usually go to a lake just outside Marburg.

How do you feel sharing your nudist/naturist way of life has made an impact on you and others you may know? I don’t know that it really has apart from the points I mentioned above. I think that answer would most probably be different had I grown up under different circumstances or if I were living in a different, less accepting country.

What advice would you give a non-nudist who’d seem willing to try nudism/naturism?
• Be cautious, not fearful.
• Discover your own pace and operate according to that pace.
• Don’t be too easily dissuaded by well-meaning friends and relatives who have never tried it themselves.
• Don’t stare at anyone! People’s eyes tend to be up on their faces.
• If you feel most comfortable starting off as a “home nudist” alone or with a small circle of friends, that might be the way to go. Some people need to learn how to accept themselves in their own four walls before they’re ready to venture outdoors.
• Lead by example. If you don’t want people to think of the clothes-free as “pervs”, don’t give them any cause to.
• You will meet many naturists in your travels – and you’ll encounter probably just as many different definitions of what naturism or nudism “really is”.

Alright, thanks for joining us, Björ, I really admire your points on naturism. Like I’ve told a few before, you have been a major inspiration for me in my journey as a naturist for the last 2 ½ years. Keep it up man, and keep up the great memes—it’s great to see how much you’re devoted to the clothes-free way of life and promoting body acceptance.

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