Good naked morning, friends!

June is upon us, and finally in full swing! It’s warm enough to be nude indoors and out—unfortunately I can’t be outside as I live in town, but it’s good to be nude inside with a breeze coming in and not have to worry about catching cold. I hope your day’s a good one—the sun’s shining, and later on I’ve got chores to do and gotta get a chance to get out for a swim, it’s gonna be in the 80s today (unfortunately gotta wear a bathing suit, but at least it’ll be nice to take a dip in one of our many nearby lakes).

So last night, I was filming a high school graduation—and I’ve been watching the weather on TV and my phone to determine which work shirt I’m wearing on assignment for the next week or so. Anyway, a few days ago it was nice and sunny (and hot) when I got out of work, so I decided to go take a swim at nearby Ocqueoc Falls. Since it was still early in June and it had been cold for a while, I wasn’t sure how warm the water would be, but when I got there, the river water was nice, especially when the sun was out. I went and dipped my feet in the water and it felt great—felt kind of silly though I didn’t have my bathing suit, there were a couple college-age girls nearby (not much younger than myself) and asked if I was goin’ in for a dip, and I told them I forgot my bathing suit, I felt so stupid! So I decided to run 10 minutes home and get my suit, of course by the time I did get back the girls were gone, dang it all! Either way, I planned to go for a dip even if they weren’t there though, so I finally did get my suit on and made my way in (I didn’t jump in, the rocks are kinda slippery, especially with the little waterfalls around), and the water felt great!

So then in the forecast it says it’s supposed to rain and only be a high in the low 70s yesterday, so I iron one of my red button-downs, and have it all ready for work—when I took a break at 4:30 the weather was still decent, not too cold but not too hot, had to be about 70 or so. But once my co-worker and I got in this school gymnasium, I was sweating up a storm, especially at the end as everyone was leaving and crowding the hallways. It felt great to have the window down a bit driving home to let the breeze come in through the work van as we chatted the entire 45-minute drive back to town. Along the way, this jerk in an older truck was goin’ slow and I waited for the right time to pass him—yeah he gave us the bird as we drove by, but my co-worker and I laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of the drive. If he had a problem with us passin’ him, that’s his problem, and I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. But when I got home, it felt great to be back—thermostat said 77 (it’s warming up and I don’t have air conditioning), but it was perfect nudist weather so it was great relaxing before bed and even this morning when I woke up without a stitch of clothing on…and obviously still nude as I write this.

That guy flippin’ me off reminded me of goin’ into one of our local bars to watch football on a Sunday night last fall, I was wearin’ my Packers gear and here in Michigan, there are obviously lots of Lions fans, and some guy was harassing me about the Packers, saying “they suck, and you know it”, and I just calmly said “No they don’t” and walked out before anything more brutal went down, the guy had been drinking and was much bigger than me and the last thing I’d want to get involved in is a bad bar fight with some self-centered a**hole who thinks the world revolves around him. I just shook it off, and told myself I don’t care what people think of me as I called my parents to chat and ventilate, and afterward I felt so much better.

Finally, I’m gonna get to go to my nearest nudist club, Spruce Hollow, first weekend of July before the 4th (I have to work on the 4th, but at least spend a couple days there, hopefully for some water volleyball and ring in the start of National Nude Recreation Week)—I’m saving up and doin’ all I can right now to still get over there at least a couple more times this summer, at least one more time in July or August and then Labor Day Weekend. ‘Til then, I’m enjoyin’ the weather and enjoyin’ at least a little time nude and warm at home, such as blogging like I am now.

Big thing I’m lookin’ to focus on in this blog post–**it happens, but don’t let it get ya down. People give you the bird when you’re tryin’ to get around them, people want to start fights when rival sports team fans are in the same bar, the weather doesn’t want to make up its mind and work and money don’t always agree with ideas of recreation, but hey you gotta just shake ‘em off and move on. Not everyone will always agree on everything, but don’t let it get you down from being who you are. It’s one thing we naturists commonly come to realize, because in our daily lives we all lead different paths, but when we shed them off and be who we really are without clothes as societal barriers we can much easier see eye to eye.

Have a great day friends, and I hope you can get your #NudeOn today, even if only for a few minutes. Even if you have to work or whatever, I hope the best for you today. Cheers!

David B