Good naked morning, Team Clothing Optional!

After about a week without internet, it’s great to finally be back, and able to blog in the buff on a weekend where there was nothing going on with work assignments. Friends, it’s great to relax nude on a Saturday morning and talk to you. That’s one thing that I think is great talking to fellow true nudists/naturists, when we’re stripped bare and comfortable in our flesh, we really get to better respect each other.

Friends, I know some of you have been following me for quite some time and know my story, but for those who don’t, I’m gonna talk a little about my naturist journey and relate it to the key topic in this blog post, RESPECT, and how naturism helps us become better people so we can better respect each other.

Respect for Myself and My Body

When I was younger, as much as I enjoyed the freedom of not wearing clothes when possible, I felt like an outcast. I was one of the most ignored and probably least attractive in my opinion of my peers. At a time where most guys were real set on sculpting and working themselves to develop the societal attractive “perfect male body”, well chiseled and built, which I didn’t have. It was always hard for me put on weight, I’ve always been slim. I did even start going to the weight room throughout much of the time I was attending college, and even though it did help me feel a little stronger, I didn’t change that much figurewise. Plus, most other guys I did happen to see who were nude in places like locker rooms, most of them were circumcised, I wasn’t. In my late teen years, yes I did go on a porn streak (something I’m not exactly proud of), and a good majority of the male actors in these films were also cut—I felt, will I ever be able to accept myself? Seeing all I saw, hearing about what the “perfect man” should be, which I was far from. Working as an art model started to help me feel more comfortable about accepting myself—I enjoyed being casually nude in private, and since this was an atmosphere where I didn’t have to worry about getting in trouble for being naked, I did it, plus I got paid for it which was a plus. And soon enough I just became so comfortable with my body that I decided, I truly am a nudist, and decided to start socializing with fellow nudists the only way I knew at the time, social media. Well upon meeting fellow nudists and getting to know them with time, I soon came to find they came in all shapes and sizes, attractive men and women, not so attractive in some way or another, but there’s no problem with being naked and we can come to embrace ourselves, no matter our flaws. Some women have large breasts, some small, some men are cut on the shaft, some not, some are thin, some are fat, some are old, some are young, but in the naturist world when we all accept ourselves and embrace our bodily flaws, we all become better people. When I noticed there were other imperfect bodied people like me, I got a glimmer of hope, knowing I would be respected no matter how perfect or imperfect my body may be.

Respect for My Peers

One thing I’ve come to learn about naturists is how different we all truly are. When I first started my naturist page “Clothing Optional” on Facebook, I came to find a lot of people who were much different than myself. Being around here and learning more about people, and now actually going to a naturist club in the summer, I’ve gotten to know all different kinds of people out there. But for a while, I felt like a lot of the other naturists, at least that really seem to be big on openly promoting nudism/naturism online were a lot different than me. Me, a small-town, country and outdoor-loving, straight, moderate Republican, Christian, un-stereotypical millennial, it’s not that easy to socialize with a lot of people who are just like me. Many of them seem more liberal, free-spirited, tech-savvy, big city people, many LGBT-affiliated, into way different music and interests than myself. But just being around people who are different than me has really helped me better appreciate how unique we all are. I know there aren’t a lot of other naturists out there who are just like me, but I’ve come to better respect how different everybody is in this world, naked or clothed—I can’t just shun someone out of my life, because they have different views than me. Plus when I’m around these kinds of people at naturist events and socializing online, I’m sure many get a better understanding that there are naturists like me out there, and there’s nothing they should fear about from me. In the end, we’re all human and we’re all different—but we can better respect each other when we are better exposed to it, and the best way I’ve found to find this is in the naturist world.

The big thing is, when you bring a child up, you raise them to think a certain way. And if we set a better example for our kids, they will be better off. I want my future kids to live in a home where they feel happy about themselves, and even though I’m not naked 100% of the time, I plan for my home to be clothing-optional. If you choose to be dressed, sometimes it’s nice to be dressed, you can. And if you just want to be casually naked, as long as you’re not a pervert or weirdo about it, you’re welcome to be naked. That’s why one thing I really look for in a potential girl who’d be right for me is one who is comfortable in her own skin, to the point where she’s comfortable with herself and hopefully doesn’t mind others being naked around and even being naked herself. The more we encourage simple nudity, the better off we truly are, no matter how different we are. When you have nothing to hide, you get to know the real person within. And in the end, that’s all we are, human, with feelings and dreams, each in their unique way.

It’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T, my friends. Don’t jeer or dismiss others who are different than you. When people do those kinds of things to you, don’t let them get you down. In the end, we’re all human and we all have feelings. So if we’re going to be happy in this world, we must accept each other for how different we are, and the best way to do that, I’ve found, is when we’re in our most human state of all, when we have nothing to hide and the “all of us” is free to breathe.

Hope y’all have a great day and weekend, friends! I’m looking forward to summer, and making my way to my club hopefully come Memorial Day! Summer will be here before we know it, and even though it’s still cold up here in Northern Michigan, the sun’s shining and that gives me a more positive look on how this day will be.

So friends, I’ll talk to y’all soon, and till then, #NudeOn!

David B