Hey, good naked morning again friends!

It’s another beautiful Saturday morning up here in my neck of the woods. Yeah it’s still a little chilly outside, but enjoyin’ the clothes-free freedom in my domicile lookin’ out at the rising sun, especially as it says on the news it’s supposed to be gettin’ up to 50 degrees throughout the weekend and into the beginning of the new week. So still too cold to be nude outside, but it’s little by little starting to get closer to what we truly call Spring.

So I read a few articles over the last couple nights, and I thought I’d discuss my thoughts on them.

First of all, I found this article on Carpenter Rob Jenner, whom we all know was accused by his neighbors of being a public nuisance with his simple naturism, and how he was let off the hook not guilty—first of all, I’m happy for him, it’s great the naturist won in this case! But also, it disgusts me why so many of his neighbors complained—one saying that because Rob put a sign up asking people not to be offended by his nudity that he’s an exhibitionist? Whaa? Just ‘splains how messed up prude society is—exhibitionism, mister, is when you are purposely showing off your body for everybody to see. Rob did not say “HEY, LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY! I’M NAKED, LOOK AT ME!” He was saying not to be offended because he doesn’t care if you see him naked or not, he’s not saying, look here’s my naked body, look at my … or anything like that. There’s a big difference—being free to practice naturism and being an exhibitionist are completely different things.

Plus, I read an article about people putting misconceptions about naturism, clearing up the myth about naturists not being sexual. And I admit it—yes, we naturists are sexual, but isn’t everyone once in a while, whether you are clothed or not? Sex has its place, but not in the world of everyday living in naturism. Practicing naturism is about simple, everyday living and as part of that, being comfortable without clothes. We true naturists know how to control our sexual behavior, just as most clothed people do. I do not enjoy when people spread porn all over the internet and give the whole nudity spectrum the taboo on account of that. Big point—you must control yourself, if you are a genuine naturist blogger, you do not show porn for everybody to see—that’s where I feel many have pushed it too far, keep the dirty desires in the bedroom and act like a modest citizen out in public, clothed or not. You are not sexual out in the general public, you keep it behind closed doors in the bedroom. There’s got to be a balance, because naturism is yes about nudity, but it’s just seeing it as a natural thing as a normal part of life, completely separate from the idea of sexual desire. Some say this sexual misunderstanding as a reason for looking down on casual nudity may have to do with religion, but as a Christian myself, I still feel I can find ways to express myself as a naturist and a great natural creation on this Earth. Bottom line, people need not be so on edge about our natural skin. Casual nudity should not be anything folks should be getting overtly hysterical about because of worries of leading to sexual behavior–it’s all about CONTROL, knowing your limits and what behavior is right in society, no matter if you’re naked or clothed. A body is simply a body, and a natural creation.

Friends, I’m still curious to hear your ideas on how we can improve this blog and be able to act more mutually as fellow naturists thru the help of this blog. What did ya guys think of my idea for the “Embracing You” series? Also, what else would you recommend as I try to figure out ways to improve the #TeamClothingOptional experience through this blog and our social media sites?

Have a great weekend friends, and #NudeOn!

David B