Good naked morning, friends!

I hope you’re enjoying this Saturday—up here near the tip of the Michigan mitt, it’s still chilly, but I remember my neighbor said downstate his parents have near 70-degree weather. We just had freezing rain here the other day and it was pouring down rain all evening last night. But it’s nice to be warm and nude inside my domicile, for the time being at least.

So I just saw this 20/20 video clip of a family at a naturist resort in Florida, and they specially agreed to have this interview as long as nothing is blurred. You see so much blurring on TV it’s just plain awful. Why have we subjected ourselves to this?

I come to see my parents after a nudist gathering downstate a few weeks ago, and my mom’s like “You were around a bunch of dicks?” And it was hard to explain to her about how there was absolutely nothing sexual about it, but the control freak that my mom is (I love her, don’t get me wrong, but she’s very militant about wearing clothes). I don’t see why it is so hard for people to accept just casual nudity when there’s nothing sexual about it. Why must we train our brains to think like this because of what society says?

I salute celebrities who’ve taken the chance and just let it all hang out—true the press doesn’t have to follow them around and leak them all over, but either way it’s good that more people are becoming more accepting of their bodies. I applaud the nudist comedy groups that have started with guys like Tim Chizmar, who’s been able to link the comedy world and nudist world out in California.

How about LBJ? I read about how President Lyndon Johnson held an impromptu news conference after making a speech during his presidential election campaign in 1964, and he was changing his clothes throughout the entire time he was talking, and what I think is amazing is how he continued talking while completely naked, just brushing his nakedness off as nothing. We can learn from this—there’s nothing wrong with nudity, except the way people think about it.

What I would like to do—I think it would be great to do a partnership between blogs for a special naturist series to appeal to non-naturists coming from the points of view of naturist guys and gals who didn’t grow up with it, and somehow use what we’ve learned over time to appeal to the non-naturist crowd. I’d love to hear your ideas about this—maybe talk mutually in these blogs about issues like body image (being overweight, being thin, tall, short) and flaws or handicaps, age, maybe a woman’s point of view, getting bullied for being different, different things like that each session and somehow discuss them between us how naturism has really helped us accept our flaws–and I even came up with a great name, #EmbracingYou. What do y’all think? I’d love to hear your input.

‘Til then, hope y’all have a great weekend, and #NudeOn!

Best y’all,
David Buck