Tha Naked I

Art Model Life Nudes for Drawing Painting and Sculpting
It is my absolute pleasure to present a guest post written by my great friends, as well as fellow naturists and bloggers, Naked Wanderings ( today. The article is about body positivity and nudism/naturism, things I truly believe in, so it fits this blog perfectly. I love their way of writing and I’m sure you will too !
How much time do you spend everyday hiding who you really are ? Yes, this is quite an in-your-face question but think about it. Everyday you’re picking out clothes, putting them on, changing them again, put on make-up, pick out jewellery, changing your clothes again … It never stops. Don’t worry, it’s not just you, we all do that. But why ? Why do we want to look different than we are ? What’s that measurement of “prettiness” that we’re trying to reach ? What’s wrong with what we have ?

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