Good naked morning!

Friends, it’s great to be back, on a free, nude Saturday morning. Woke up, turned up the thermostat, and enjoying the peace and quiet I’ve been waiting for all week. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love socializing and talking, but it’s also nice to just meditate on a Saturday where I luckily didn’t have any work assignments or priorities, just me meditating with just the feeling of the air on my bare skin. It’s been a busy few weeks—plus I had a cold all last weekend while I was out of town on a ministry weekend. Glad to finally be feeling better, at least.

So last night I dug into my kid side and popped The Lion King into my Blu-ray player, my favorite Disney movie of all time, I remember when my mom first bought it on VHS for me for my 5th birthday, right after it came out. And all my life, I’ve always felt like I’ve had a little bit of Simba in me.

Anyway, my point, besides Timon’s little “hula drag” bit, what amazes me is how nobody in this film wears clothes, and they’re in their natural habitat. I feel like we humans can learn from this—whyever we have destroyed much of the natural beauty of this world is beyond me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy having a computer and living in a nice, small apartment house in the small town where I live, but I feel too many humans have gone too far to the point where many have invaded the whole idea of nature. It seems as though we’ve tried to hide where we came from. We cover up our bodies, we envy those who have perfectly toned, fit bodies and basically put them up on a pedestal. Why have we seriously come this far? It’s just like Simba trying to run from his past and how his evil Uncle Scar made Simba believe Simba was the reason for his father, King Mufasa’s death. But it’s also great how Rafiki the baboon helped Simba realize how “you can either run from it, or learn from it”.

And that’s one thing we can do as well—learning from how much society has rejected the idea of nature—urbanization and textiles, we’re losing sight of where we came from and building up shame for it (that’s a shame we humans have put on ourselves)—we can learn from that, we can make a difference in showing how the body is great no matter what you look like, and is more than just a sexual icon. What I think is great is how many resorts are nestled back in the woods, purposely getting away from much of the manmade world of major cities. What I enjoy about going to my nearest naturist club is being able to be my real, natural, naked self out in the woods, surrounded by nature.

It’s time we should return more to nature—the more we expose ourselves to the manmade artifices of today’s world and the lazier we get, I feel the more we’re going to go to seed. There needs to be a balance—we need to respect all the nature of this world, including ourselves. If God created us to wear artificial manmade fabrics, we would have born in them. But we weren’t, we were meant to live naked and natural, just as all the other animals in nature are. It’s something we can learn from. Just keep that in mind.

‘Til next time, hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend, and #NudeOn.

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Talk to ya soon,

David Buck