Tha Naked I


I give you another guest blog post today, written by none other than the guru of nude twitter, Björ (@IbanSaram) himself. The article is about what it’s like having an account as a naturist on social media. It’s a very insightful post so I hope you will like it. Here it goes !

For those who don’t immediately recognise the twitter name in the by-line, allow me to introduce myself quickly by saying that, among the other things I do in my real life as an employed adult male, I tweet stuff : thoughts of the day, weekly men’s health reminders, captioned naturist posts, humorous things I happen across on the net, and the occasional political comment.

I believe I can safely say that my followers, most of whom are male naturists like myself, initially follow my twitter account for the naturist posts and semi-regular challenges, retweet and donate to…

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