Good naked morning, friends! It’s a snowy Saturday here in Northern Michigan, it’s cold for sure, but I’m managing—it’s warm in here, and I’m still nude, at least for the time being. Good news though, I’m goin’ down to the Detroit area this afternoon for a naturist gathering with some old friends.

Anyway, I was just thinking of something that happened earlier this week—I was filming a local high school basketball game, and I came up to interview the coach and talk about the next game, when his little son (probably about six or seven) walked up to me and said, “You sound like a girl.” And I said, “Hey I’ve got a high-pitched voice, bud, I can’t help it.” And the coach backed me up. A lot of times when I answer the phone, people mistake my voice for a woman’s, and I specially have to tell them in this case that I’m a guy.

Believe me, when I was younger, having a high-pitched voice used to bug me. Kids always used to make fun of me in school—one thing though, when I sing, my voice definitely is deeper, but still even through puberty I still have a higher-pitched voice than most men out there. But nowadays, I don’t really care anymore. One thing that has really helped me accept myself, of course, is naturism.

I’m not mad at that little boy, he couldn’t help it, he didn’t know. He’s still learning about life, still growing, believe me I used to be just like him, I used to wonder why people had high-pitched voices and why some people were short.

One thing that really amazes me about some of the different naturists I met is how much they talk about embracing whom you are. One of the best recent examples I can give is Marc, whom we just talked to a couple weeks ago and shared his #YourNudeOnStory with us, and his new hashtag #HappyInUrOwnSkin. If you haven’t already, check it out.


How about our pal Harmen? Not long ago, he wrote a great blog post about how every body is beautiful in the world of naturism, flaws and all…and loving your flaws.

It’s positive words like these from fellow naturists that continue to help drive me in my journey as a naturist and advocate for our great way of life. I gotta admit, around here where I live, as much as I enjoy rural Northern Michigan, it isn’t easy being the naturist I am, especially when the nearest club (2 ½ hours away) is closed for the winter, but it’s interacting with you good people that helps me continue to be the happy naturist I am. We truly do help each other be better people when we share our naturist lives. And that’s also one reason I’m excited to finally get to another social nudist gathering this evening down in Detroit—I’ve got a 4-hour drive ahead of me (prayin’ the weather will cooperate), but it’s going to be fun seeing old friends down that way I haven’t seen in a year.

Hope you have a great day friends, and I hope that if you aren’t naked at the moment that you get some time to be soon. You are all great, #TeamClothingOptional, and I hope my blog posts have helped motivate you on your naturist journey just as many of yours have done for me. We all truly deserve to be happy, nude and beautiful, just as we are, and we are when we are all on the same plain.

‘Til next time, #NudeOn, my friends, and #BeBareBeProud. Hope y’all have a great (hopefully nude) weekend.


David Buck