For this installment of my nudist/naturist profile series #YourNudeOnStory, I had the pleasure of talking recently with Zach, a 31-year-old naturist from Central Florida. I’ve been familiar with him on Twitter for some time, and he’s also got a great Survivor naturist podcast, In The Buff, if you haven’t checked it out yet. Let’s learn about Zach, and his experience with the clothes-free way of life.

Zach, first of all, how long have you been a naturist? I’ve been involved with naturism about 4 years now.

What drew you into naturism in the first place? As a kid (and I don’t recall what sparked the conversation) my dad told me about nudists, groups of people and entire families who just go naked together all the time, although he was speaking from the view of a conservative Christian parent, and presenting it as something that was both weird and wrong. But it stuck with me, mostly because I’ve always been interested and curious about nude bodies. Skip ahead a few years, and I decided to actually do some research on the topic, and I found an event at Haulover Beach, decided to go, and the rest is history.

What reactions did you get when people found out you were a nudist/naturist? Many mixed reactions. I’ve had longtime friends remove me on Facebook, but most have been more accepting, and and ask some questions about it, even if they never try it themselves. Though I’m still trying to figure out how to tell most of my family; it’s a lot similar to “coming out of the closet” I feel, based on the reactions.

What do you enjoy most about losing your clothes? The best part of undressing is the freedom, calm, and comfort, knowing that I can truly be myself in that time, and that it’s OK, and nobody is judging me.

How do you feel your journey has excelled since you’ve made the decision to become part of our great lifestyle? Social nudity has helped me to build my self-esteem and self-confidence, and reshape my perspective. I see beauty in places and people that many don’t, and it’s helped me to treat people like people.

Now I know you’re a big Survivor fan and started your own podcast about the show called In The Buff, what made you decide to start this nude podcast? In The Buff is a project designed to promote normality, to show that naturists have normal interests, so we don’t spend a lot of time actually advocating naturism. We want people to see nudists are real people, bodies are normal things, and we’re part of fandoms just like everyone else.

So what are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff? Camping, swimming, I’ve done nude bowling; just simple things like movie nights are fun too though. Anything with friends.

Do you have any special places you like to go to enjoy yourself in the nude? I know from what I’ve seen how active you’ve been in the naturist community, why don’t you tell me a little about that? Living in central Florida, the obvious answer is Cypress Cove. It’s one of the really nice resorts in the area. But I’m also a member of FYN (Florida Young Naturists), and we have three annual weekend events each year, two at Sunny Sands in Pierson, FL, and one at Lake Como in Lutz, FL. All three resorts are excellent venues and great places for practicing social nudity.

How do you feel sharing your naturist way of life has impacted you and others you know? Outside of the closed-minded, (or “clothes-minded”) people that I don’t have any contact with anymore, I think at the very least it opens up people’s perspectives to where they’re re-considering any pre-conceived notions they had.

And finally, what advice would you give a non-nudist who is curious to try nudism/naturism? Go at your own pace. Spend time naked by yourself first to get used it. Start in small increments and move up to entire days. Sleep nude. Once you’re comfortable with that, look for a local resort, and try to go with a friend.

Thank you Zach, for joining us to share #YourNudeOnStory about being #HappyInUrOwnSkin. Zach has been keeping up throughout the last season of Survivor, and usually puts up a new In The Buff podcast each week during the show–I’m definitely looking forward to hearing his takes on the new season–if you want to check it out, it’s on Twitter @InTheBuff16.

Friends, if you’re interested in sharing #YourNudeOnStory with us, be sure to DM @teamcloptzone on Twitter or Team Clothing Optional on Tumblr, I would love to talk with you about your experience as a naturist to share on our blog, as part of our mission of spreading the positive word about clean, wholesome nudism/naturism and body acceptance. The better we band together as fellow naturists, the stronger we can be about showing the world how natural and truly normal nudism/naturism really is, and in turn I feel it can become more accepted and more people will be willing to join the clothes-free way of life. So #NudeOn friends, together WE ARE #TeamClothingOptional.