Good naked morning, friends!

Boy does it feel good to say that—I haven’t had a free Saturday morning to just wake up and relax in my free, natural glory in quite a while. Both of these last two weekends I’ve been on work projects filming a snow race two weeks ago and an ice fishing celebration last weekend. Good news though, I will be going down to a naturist gathering in a couple weeks to see some friends in the Detroit area, so I’m happy about that.

I’m also happy to finally get some things going with this blog again, finally some things to talk about and I’m relaunching my nudist/naturist profile series, #YourNudeOnStory, my first profile was just this past week, I talked to Marc from England, be sure to check out my last post. I’m looking forward to hopefully some other fellow naturists who might be willing to take part.

A few days ago, I saw a news story about nude carpenter Rob Jenner in England, I’m glad to see he’s finally putting his foot down on his prude neighbors. Isn’t it terrible how furious people can get over just the sight of a naked person? Why do we seriously make a big fuss if somebody happens not to be wearing any clothes or happens to show their breasts, buttocks or genitals in just a casual, non-sexual light? What people really need to learn is how normal we naturists truly are, and that our bodies are just natural parts of life. Another great video I found the other day, which I shared on my social media, depicts a guy telling what he’s not and ending with what he is, and showing in reverse what he’s talking about—starting out naked in the water (the person of nature he truly is, as he mentions at the end), and ending in his office (not the whatever he says about his computer, his office and his boss at the beginning). We need more videos like this—more ways to really show how much simple nudity truly is a normal thing.

Especially in this day in age, a lot of people are looking to take better care of themselves. You see more skin care commercials on TV (even more that target more to the man, which I think is great), and even with food on TV—especially as companies are starting not to use as many chemicals in their foods as before, even though sometimes it doesn’t make the food necessarily healthier, people feel better about what they’re eating, especially when it’s not filled with a lot of artificial chemicals. Well I feel that’s a trend today overall, people want to feel better about themselves. And I feel if we do what we can to raise awareness of wholesome nudism/naturism and constantly fight back against those slamming us with scorn and those trying to exploit us with sex or porn, when people see how natural and normal naturism really is, and how much we are just normal people with all different body types and parts (never a perfect one, like many want us to think), I feel more people might open up to becoming more comfortable in their own skin and join us.

It’s also great to see many of us naturists showing/telling about how every body is beautiful, or promoting body acceptance and finding that through naturism, it’s great to see more people taking strides at that.

Friends, let’s keep the faith—I know we’re on a good path as we show nudism/naturism in a positive manner. Let’s not forget it—I know I definitely won’t, I look forward to hearing some of your stories soon, and I look forward to socializing myself with fellow naturists in a couple weeks I haven’t seen for a while.

Hope y’all have a great Saturday, and #BeBareBeProud, being #HappyInUrOwnSkin.

David Buck