For the first post in my re-vamping of my #YourNudeOnStory series, we meet Marc, a 30-year-old naturist from England. I’ve been familiar with Marc and his Twitter page for quite some time, and he is the real deal. Living everyday home life in the nude as part of Marc’s mission of showing how being nude is a perfectly normal thing–and how we naturists are just everyday people who feel more comfortable the less we wear. I had the chance to ask Marc some questions about himself and his feelings toward naturism, let’s meet Marc and see what he had to say.

So what made you decide to become a naturist in the first place?
Was easy really, basically I’ve always felt more comfortable naked, ever since I can remember really.

What reactions did you get when people found out you are a naturist?
Most my mates just go accept it, my mate who comes over most weekends just says that it’s nothing to even think about about. He often don’t see me as being as naked sometimes.

How do you feel your journey as a naturist excelled since you made the decision to become part of this great lifestyle?
Well, I think it’s the one thing that chills me right out, I get stressed at work and coming home and stripping off really relaxes me. I’ve become more excepting of others and allow them to do their own thing.

I see you’ve posted numerous pictures over the years of your naturist life at home, I’m curious to know what intrigued you to start sharing these?
It’s the fact I want people to see that nudity is nothing but nudity. I’m also a larger guy so it’s to show others who are larger not to worry about body weight/image…also, I’m not the biggest and to show that you don’t have to have a penis down to your knees to feel accepted.

What do you enjoy most about being naked? Being me, when I’m naked I’m just me. That’s the thing I love about it…I’m free and stress-free when naked.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff?
Hanging at home, but that’s not a thing to do that’s just living, but like going the beach and just laying in the sun…not much into running around, just laying around and soaking up the sun.

Do you have any special places you like to go where you can enjoy yourself and be nude?
We have a local-ish beach down the road but if not, just the garden, I try and get out in the garden as much as I can.

How do you feel sharing your naturist way life has made an impact on you and others you may know? It has made me a much better person and very much more body confident, when I was gaining the weight I did hide away, didn’t take off my top in front of any one, but since public nudity I have now become more able to.

What advice would you give a non-nudist who would be willing to try naturism?
Just to try it once, try and get to your nearest nude beach, try and go with a friend but if not just enjoy yourself naked. Don’t listen to all the old naturists and be told that have to be naked all the time, just live your life naked and enjoy and feel free.

Great job, Marc–I applaud his mission of showing how normal nudists/naturists’ lives truly are, that we are not filthy perverts, but just normal people. I also like the new hashtag he’s started using on his pics, #HappyInUrOwnSkin, I think we could start a trend with this, #TeamClothingOptional! Because we should all deserve the right to truly be happy in our own skin. I appreciate your sharing your story with us Marc, and #BeBareBeProud. Be sure to check out Marc, if you haven’t already, on Twitter @marknudy, Tumblr, and on Instagram. And pass on the hashtag!