Good naked morning, friends!

I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering where I’ve been—I haven’t blogged for a while, I know, but if you know me I can stay pretty busy, but that doesn’t mean I stray away from being the naturist I still am.

It’s one of the few weekends I have where I’m not busy with projects for work—and of course, you know how I’m enjoying the morning, in my preferred attire, despite how cold it is outside. It’s only about 10 degrees outside here, but I’ve turned up the thermostat a little bit so I can get some warmer air circulating through my apartment. Had my naked coffee this morning, so ready to write.

Anyway friends, I’m glad to see how many of you still manage to be the true naturists/nudists you are throughout these Winter months, was surprised to see some made snow angels, took pics in the full buff out in the deep snow—that is great, I so wish I could do that here!

Despite keeping costs down by keeping the thermostat around 70 (I cheated today, but just to warm the place up in the AM while I have some comfy time before going to the store this afternoon), a couple weeks ago I did see an old friend of mine from over the summer visiting Spruce Hollow Naturist Campground. It was great ‘cause he kept his house real warm, and we were able to be completely naked the entire time chatting and watching numerous Nudes in the News episodes on, it was great.

I’m also hoping a couple weeks into February to be able to go down to the Detroit area for a Midwinter Meet & Greet for an old friend of mine’s non-landed skinny-dipper group down in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. At least I’ve now got a better, newer vehicle than I had before that seems to drive a little better in the snow than my old car.

In the meantime, it’s becoming a busy time for me and unfortunately I can’t be nude as much as I wish I could. I still do what I can at home, but I gotta keep costs down on my rent so I normally keep the thermostat around 70, and it’s coming on a busy time at work—at work I’m filming numerous winter events including ice fishing and snow races—it’s prime time for winter sports up here in Michigan. Plus, trying to open a beef stew can the other day I ended up cutting my thumb, that was a brutal bleed—at least it stopped bleeding, and I have a regular bandage on my thumb. Unfortunately, it’s my right thumb and I’m right-handed, which makes some things still hard, not trying to put pressure on that thumb.

Friends, I truly salute all you guys do to continue being the true nudist/naturist selves you are, even in the coldest of weather. It may be cold outside, but we all still manage to #BeBareBeProud. By the way, I am still looking for those interested in helping out—like I mentioned before, I would like to relaunch #YourNudeOnStory, as well as get your ideas on possible things we can do to continue better advocation for nudism/naturism.

Have a good weekend all, and I look forward to hopefully talking to you again soon.

David Buck