One big thing I’m sure we all agree on—this world has a problem with nudity. And one way I’m sure many of us know to help get the point across is via media, which has obviously become more and more accessible to us as time has passed. One thing I was thinking about, especially as I actually work in TV production with access to camcorders, is possibly filming a documentary about lives of nudists—I know this has become a trend from what I have seen on the internet throughout the UK, but I am sure there are people here in the US, especially here in more remote areas like Northern Michigan. This would obviously be something I’d keep out of work, but more of something freelance, possibly filming for my blog/social media sites a documentary like this I think would be a possible idea. What do you think?

Nothing is set in stone yet, it’s just an idea I had off the top of my head. I don’t think I would have access to a resort willing to allow cameras or people to be filmed, but I would like to hear some ideas from you things I could do, I know there would be some people willing to speak about their experience with naturism, get some people’s story, someone maybe opening me up to their home/life, I think it would be cool to work on something like this. I don’t have much money, so that makes it a little more difficult if I were paying for many of these expenses myself, maybe even mix in some home movies with it, basically to get different people’s points of view, their unique stories together in one documentary, again it would be ultra low budget, don’t have much money but at least access to basic equipment and editing software—again, it’s just an idea I had. Anyway, if I was to do something like this, what would you suggest for possible things I could do in making a small naturist documentary of my own?

I’d love to hear your ideas, #TeamClothingOptional, and figure out things to do to help better promote our #BeBareBeProud way of life as nudists/naturists.

David Buck