Hi friends,

Hope your Christmas holiday went well, and I hope you’re looking forward to the new year like I am. Definitely one thing I’m looking forward to—bringing new material here to the Clothing Optional page to better promote nudism/naturism and positive body acceptance, and I’m curious to hear from you. What would YOU like to see here in the near future? I’d love to hear your ideas about what you like, is there any ideas you think we should do to help better promote our great way of life, or anything you’d like to see different?

I’m truly devoted to promoting the nudist way of life, and showing how naturism is truly a wholesome, family-friendly affair and not anything sexual or to be ashamed of, and at this point I’m trying to decide what directions to take with this blog and social media pages in the near future to make an even better impact for our #TeamClothingOptional community and how to attract new followers and friends.

One idea I had in mind was relaunching the #YourNudeOnStory blog series each month, where I interview true nudists/naturists and learn how naturism really impacts them, as a way of showing how naturists are truly normal people. I’ve asked a couple people, but haven’t heard back about this—what do you think? Should I bring this back, and what else would you like to see?

I’d love to hear your ideas, and I hope we can continue to work together and grow as a family of ambassadors for nudism/naturism and body acceptance. Best to y’all in the New Year, #BeBareBeProud, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

David Buck