Good morning friends,

Merry Naked Christmas and a Happy New Nude Year! I hope all of you can find some joy in this time of the year, and spend it with the one/ones you love. But friends, let’s not forget what this season is really about.

It saddens me how much the everyday world has taken Christmas—I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of it is fun—fun in the snow, Santa Claus and gift giving, decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music and watching the movies, but at the same time let’s not forget what the root of the name is really about. In this world of people of all religious backgrounds, I still hold in my heart what CHRIST-mas is really about.

I know His birth didn’t exactly happen on the date we celebrate it, but December 25th is commonly the day we observe and really celebrate the birth of our good lord, Jesus Christ, whom himself was born NAKED! He may have been wrapped in swaddling, but just plain the fact that one of the biggest moments of our good Lord’s life that he was naked, just makes this time of the year extra special.

I’m not going to necessarily “preach” my beliefs—some may believe and some don’t, it’s your choice, but at least please respect my views. But just think it over, if it hadn’t been for Jesus Christ, there wouldn’t be a Christmas. And gift giving wouldn’t be a big part of the holiday without the magi who traveled from afar to honor their savior. And if it hadn’t been for a good, loving saint who wanted to give back to selfless children like St. Nicholas, we wouldn’t have a figure like Santa Claus. And the star atop the tree–a symbol of the star that shone bright over Bethlehem after Jesus’ birth. Just keep that in mind—some may roll their eyes, some may disagree, but at least think it over.

In the end, friends, I hope you have a safe, fun holiday season, and I’m looking forward to the possibilities this new year will bring for us as nudists and as people as a whole. It’s been a great year for me—for work, moving to a new place, finding a good church family, broadening my horizons into actually socializing with fellow nudists/naturists at my nearest club, and I know greater things will happen throughout this new year.

Merry Naked Christmas and Happy New Nude Year, #TeamClothingOptional! And remember, #BeBareBeProud…and at the same time, stay warm!