Hey friends,

Today, and returning home tonight, really helped remind me how precious life can be, and how much any casual nude time I can get is a moment to truly be cherished. A lot of times I complain, and I know we all do at some point or another, that we’ve got too much or too little time on our hands. It’s been stressful for me at work, this time of the year is extra busy for me, especially with Christmas-related stuff going on. I’ve worked overtime almost each day of the week, even this weekend I’m working–maybe not an 8-hour 9-to-5 day like the week, but still working either way. Tomorrow even though I don’t have anything scheduled, I still plan to go into my office to finish a small side project to get out of the way. Despite my busy schedule, I still find relaxation time whenever I can, and when I’ve found it I’ve really come to take it in, because if I don’t, I know how stressed and worked up I get, and that just makes me feel worse. The best thing to do when you have an opportunity to take a break, take it. And one thing I know I can relate to this is my way of life as a nudist.

For instance, I was down filming for the opening of elk season here in Northern Michigan throughout the afternoon today. Now we just had a winter storm up here, and the temperatures dropped significantly–it was only in the 20s (Fahrenheit), and now in the evening it’s gone down into the teens, it’s just plain freezing outside. Even the Bluetooth connection for my wireless mics for my camera quit on me from the cold temps and being outside for some time. I was also bundled up all day, oh it was so uncomfortable inside numerous layers just to stay warm. And I didn’t even get back until 11pm, because afterwards I stopped to get some groceries and gifts while I happened to be passing through Gaylord. I didn’t get home anyway until about 11, and I still had to unload all my grocery bags. After it all, it just felt so good to finally shed all my clothes and relax in the comfort of my own home. I swear, if I were in those heavy layers any longer I would have gone into panic mode.

Especially at a time of year when it’s not easy to be nude in a place like Northern Michigan–it’s bitterly cold, snowy and winter’s just around the corner, I enjoy turning up the thermostat a tad and sitting awake on my bed completely clothes-free and just letting it all go. Writing and discussing my feelings in the buff, I’ve found, is a great way for me to meditate and relax after a stressful day. At times like this, yes I it would be nice to be relaxing, my dream, on the beach at Lake Como in the buff with fellow naturists (it’s my dream to make it down someday to Pasco County, FL, for some time now), but in the meantime with the little time I have and the weather that may be outside, I feel truly happy right now, relaxing in my skin and regaining the sanity I feel I lost in those heavy clothes and out in that cold weather.

In this hustle and bustle world, it feels so nice to just take some time away and ventilate, and I’ve found the best way to do so is without clothes on. OK yeah, so I cannot do it while I’m on the job, but at the end of the day when I’m home and the work is done, I try to enjoy it every minute that I can. And with the way this world moves, time’s going by quicker than I ever thought before. This past year since I moved and started my new job, almost a full year has gone by really fast for me. So get naked whenever you can, find some relaxation time whenever you can and just let your body breathe. If you don’t, then it may never happen. You could die any day–if you see a chance to get naked and relax, take it. You’ll feel a lot better.

Hope y’all have a great rest of your weekend–gotta catch some Zs, and be ready to dress again for church tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend, and I hope you’ll get to #NudeOn and take some time out of your day if you possibly can get the chance.

Yours truly,