Bare Thoughts

I think we can all agree that most of our friends aren’t naturist. Simply because there are more textile people then naturists. And that’s okay. Friendships are important in life. Even when they come and go. But when you have a lifestyle like naturism, it’s nice to have some naturist friends aswell. Because it’s a lifestyle. It’s more then a hobby or an interest. Something most textiles don’t seem to understand. Luckily my friends and family do, but I know several naturists that can’t even talk about it with their friends or family. I feel sorry for them and understand why they are looking for naturist friends. Some of them meet them on resorts or beaches, most of them try to find them online. And there lies the question: Is finding naturist friends easy or hard?

Well that mostly depends on yourself. How you represent yourself. We all claim to…

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