Hi friends,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve just been so busy lately. And especially with this time of year, it’s hard to be the nudist I truly am with a busy work schedule and keeping the thermostat at around 70 to keep costs down. But I still enjoy getting naked when I can–sometimes I do turn the heat up (ssh, don’t tell my landlady), and sometimes I still enjoy wearing my robe open so my body can still breathe.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about why nudism is truly so great. I really don’t understand why so many people still are afraid or have problems with simple nudity in public outside the confines of nudist communities or resorts. It usually always comes back to the myth that nudity is something sexual, and because of that now more than ever people are getting arrested and/or being accused of sexual harrassment or something like that when there’s really nothing sexual going on. It’s all in their minds–planted in by fellow textiles who’ve been tempted by others and/or media to show somehow that it’s wrong. Nude friends, this is a great post to share with your non-nudist friends who don’t understand why we enjoy being naked so much.

Here are some of the beauties I’ve found of naturism throughout my journey so far:

  1. Every body is good, and every body is truly special and beautiful. Our bodies were created for a purpose, and in turn we are all unique.
    1. In naturism, people don’t judge. Unlike commercials/shows that show how we must take certain precautions to feel good about ourselves or show what is supposed to be a “perfect, attractive body”, true nudists/naturists don’t care what you look like dressed or not, or whatever figure you may have, or how small your man or woman parts may be, because we see the naked body as simply a natural, normal part of life–everybody has their unique touch, but hey if we were exact copies of one another, wouldn’t this life be quite boring?
    2. When we’re all accepted for who we really are not hidden by manmade artificial coverings whether it would be clothes or makeup, we feel better about ourselves and we’re on an equal plain with one another.
    3. When we are all on an equal plain, we can better get along and get better comfortable.
    4. When we are all comfortable in our own skin to not care if we’re completely naked, we are extra beautiful and attractive.
    5. When we’re comfortable and accept the true naked each other, we can have fun just as if we were clothed.
  2. It’s a beautiful feeling to be completely naked.
    1. You don’t feel weighed down, and your body’s not confined.
    2. When you feel lighter, you’re freer.
    3. When your body and skin are free, they can freely breathe.
    4. When your body can breathe, it’s just a wonderful feeling when you can feel the air on your skin.
    5. Feeling the air on your skin helps you to be able to meditate and relax–and when you’re not thinking about the sexual aspect, just that feeling of the air, or even water, against your skin helps calm your mind–I know it does for me, helps lower my anxiety when I meditate without a stitch of clothing on, I love it.
  3. Everybody can take part–all ages and all figures.
    1. Much to popular belief that nudity is an adults-only thing that should be hidden from our kids, when the sexual part is completely out of the picture, children are truly just as welcome to join in. Naturism is truly a family affair.
    2. When your kids learn how nudity is a perfectly normal, non-sexual thing, it makes them more willing to participate, and in turn better accept their bodies and nudity as a whole.
    3. When we’re around and/or introduced to people of all different body types, and in turn get comfortable with it and appreciate the true natural beauty of everyone regardless of gender, age, background, skin color or body type, the more likely people feel welcome to join in and shed their clothes with us.
  4. It’s easier and feels better to swim, and that’s a beautiful thing.
    1. Just as I said about your body and skin freely breathing and feeling the air, same goes with water. Feeling free when you swim is a great feeling when you’re not weighed down by a bathing suit.
    2. Easier to swim, easier to move around in the water sans bathing suit.
    3. Just the feeling of the water on your bare skin calms the mind.
  5. It’s better to get your beauty sleep.
    1. When you sleep naked in a cooler environment, the body is less likely to sweat, and in turn, numerous benefits when it comes to skin appearance, confidence, no uncomfortable layers under the sheets that distract from you getting a deep sleep, plus a better romantic drive with your lover as a bonus.
  6. When we’re all comfortable and experience these aspects and really take them in, we all get extra-beautiful and it promotes a happier, healthier world.

So when your non-nudist friends ask why you love to be naked, here are some great tips. If you have any more things to add why YOU think naturism is a truly beautiful thing, I’d love to hear them–keep it clean, please. Keepin’ this pro-naturist blog friendly for all ages, so keep it clean.

‘Til next time, #TeamClothingOptional, keep your #NudeOn and #BeBareBeProud.

Talk to ya soon,