Hi friends,

I hope your weekend has been going well. I just turned 26 this past Friday, and despite having to be dressed much of the time while staying with my parents, I have been enjoying my weekend. Last night, I sat naked in my sleeping bag and I was thinking about the German short film “Studies of Hysteria”, about a young German man living in a nude world whom soon rejects him after he discovers and becomes obsessed with a pair of jeans he finds in a nearby forest.

It made me think of writing a short story myself, picturing a post-Apocalyptic world caused by overhaul of materialism and urbanization, in which people live a simpler, more natural and rural life, in which naturism is the norm. Originally I pictured a parody-style imitation of “Studies on Hysteria” in another point of view, but now I’m picturing a more original story, and I could use some ideas.

What I was thinking is possibly doing some kind of major disaster caused by remnants of clothing or some kind of old garment found in the midst of a nude world or some materialistic/textile villain, similar to that of “Studies on Hysteria”, but featuring a hero who is a proud naturist witnessing some type of threat to his small town that causes the sky to grow dark and the town to tumble, and end as the town is restored to its initial, peaceful, happy, naturist glory, with an end message showing how the threat of hiding simple, non-sexual nudity is not the answer to a happy, peaceful society.

And I can use your help–do you guys have any ideas on how we could make a legitimate story that’s original and depicts a post-Apocalyptic naturist world? I truly appreciate your feedback.

I look forward to hearing your ideas–and in the meantime, let’s #NudeOn and #BeBareBeProud.

Your pal,