Bare Thoughts

The colder months have begun. Reason for several swimming pools in the Netherlands to open their doors for naturists. And even though the majority of those pools open their doors for us 45 minutes till 2 hours max, it’s still a very welcome extra now temperatures outside are getting lower every week.

It was August 22nd of this year, when I got a message on Twitter from Arnold ( twitter: @NatzwemWF ). He enjoys our blogs and was wondering if we were interested to see how their nudeswimming sundays are. He also gave me the option to display my products from 2Bare2Wear, but because those shops are closing end of this year I didn’t do that. But obviously we were very interested in their moment of freedom in the cold days. So we visited them last Sunday, October 16th.

The nudeswimming in swimming pool ” de Zeehoek ” ( Dutch…

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