Another great blog post, shows we naturists are simply normal people!

Bare Thoughts

Part 2 of this chapter is about the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The Tuesday started around 8.30am when my daughter woke us up. We had some breakfast together and after that I took some cabinets apart that were still standing in the new room for my daughter. Because we were planning on buying the new floor that day we had to get rid of them because we didn’t have a new purpose for them.

Around 3pm we had a new ultrasound appointment in town to have a look at the baby. Everything looked great, it was moving a lot and already was 5cm big. After the ultrasound we went searching for a new floor, in which we succeeded pretty quick. In the picture above you can see a quick impression of what it’s going to look like. In part 3 of this chapter you will see the end result…

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