Bare Thoughts

Last week I had a new Q&A on my Twitteraccount which resulted in 6 questions. I will answer 3 today and 3 tomorrow.

Question 1: ” Were you raised a naturist and if not, at what age did you convert to freedom? “

No, I wasn’t raised a naturist. After being bullied for years as a kid, I found a way to accept myself for who I am. To express that self acceptance and also because a desire to total freedom, with the combination of a wide interest I did some basic research on the internet about naturism. Then I looked for some people online that were willing to take me to a resort, because I couldn’t see myself go on my own for the first time. Luckily I found a lovely couple which became very important to me. This all happened 10 years ago, so I’m experiencing naturism since…

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