Another word for the world to hear. If God created us naked and we were all born naked, then why has simple nudity become so taboo and pushed away into a category that completely exploits the idea of human nature? Seriously, if we can appreciate nature, all the trees and plants and whatnot instead of get rid of it or cover it up, then why must we depreciate the nature that lies in each of us?

And now as non-sexual nudity is becoming more prominent in television nowadays, which for the most part great, there is one bad part–bodies are still censored. We still blur out natural body parts but yet let others show. People claim that showing a man’s penis or a woman’s breasts or vulva or anybody’s buttocks on TV is something sexual and must be hidden away to protect our children. And porn is the worst (believe me, I used to watch quite a bit of it, and now looking back I’m glad that stage of my life is gone), that is complete exploitation of human nature. Uggggh! Why have we degraded our natural nudity so much where we don’t appreciate our real bodily functions?

Why should a penis, a vulva, breasts or buttocks be censored because they are “sexual” when any other part of the body can be as well? It’s so ridiculous, if you’re censoring those body parts because they’re sexual, then you might as well not show the body at all, naked or clothed, because any part of the body can be used for “sexual purposes”. Don’t give me that “sexual” excuse, people. It’s not healthy for our minds to condemn simple nudity that isn’t intended in any way to be sexual, censoring simple, non-sexual nudity is making our minds unhealthier.

Seriously, our bodies were not meant to be sex objects, that is the thought of man, not God. We were not created to hide our beings behind clothes. If we can appreciate nature, and appreciate nudity as part of art, then why can’t we reflect it? If we can see a naked statue of Michelangelo’s David or a naked mermaid or the non-sexual nudity that’s art on the Vault of the Sistine Chapel, then why can’t we actually be naked in public ourselves or fully be naked on television or in the movies without certain body parts always been hidden or blurred?

Censorship is not the answer people–there needs to be a balance. If there must be porn, limit it and keep it away from the wrong hands. But when it comes to everyday life, there’s no reason simple, non-sexual nudity should be frowned upon. If we can appreciate nature and nudity as art, then there’s no reason why we can’t be fully naked and natural, the true nature and art we are, in everyday life. On TV, in public, I should be who I really am. If I feel more comfortable the less I’m wearing and most comfortable when I’m not covered and hidden, then let me be me. I’m not being a pervert, I’m not looking to hit on anyone, I’m just being me, comfortable and in appreciation of my simple, natural, artistic being that I truly am. The world needs to see more simple nudity–do not hide the body from the world and exploit it, let the world see the true beauty of the natural, naked body and embrace it. We’d all be happier, more nudists/naturists in this world is always a plus, and we’d all be better off in the end.

Just keep that in mind, world. Nudity is a natural part of life, so if we can appreciate the rest of nature around us, let us be able to appreciate the true nature that we really are.