I’ve got a message for the world, especially the people/law officials/politicians of America. I am a nudist, and love it. Call me outspoken, call me crazy, call me what you want. I don’t care–I’m standing up for what I feel is right, and what hundreds of other people know is only right. I know many of you don’t understand why we are the way we are, but just as you have allowed blacks, Muslims, LGBT and otherwise have their rights, then why can’t we nudists/naturists?

So many people complain that the sight of somebody’s uninhibited naked body is somehow sexual–oh c’mon, people, don’t make up such a stupid excuse. That’s what people fear about the LGBT community as well–being hit on and trying to get some kind of sexual or romantic attention. Why is it any different with naturism/nudism? We true nudists know the boundary line between what is sexual and what is not. Being clothed can attract sexual attention, so don’t use the sex myth as an excuse. Seeing a man’s penis or a woman’s breasts or vulva, or anybody’s buttocks shouldn’t be a big deal. They’re just body parts like our hands, eyes, mouth and ears and so on. The more we see them, the less taboo it becomes, because these are just parts of our body with a function, not sex toys. And there’s no excuse to why we can’t be casually, non-sexually naked in front of kids, or any excuse for them to participate as well. It has nothing to do with sex, people! In fact, kids are natural-born nudists. It’s textiles who tell them it’s wrong, not nature. All ages should have a better appreciation for simple nudity–the more we’re around it and the more we see it, the more normal it becomes and the sexual aspect goes away, and we get to know the real people for who they really are.

Not to say I’m perfect, because I’m not. I’m just a person like any other, but really there needs to be some balance. For goodness sake, we were brought into this world naked–God created us naked and unclothed. So just as we respect nature, as we respect the trees or animals and not have to make them cover up, we must we if we feel more comfortable being the natural human beings we are without covering?

Of course the laws for sexual conduct must stay in place, but there’s really no reason why we true nudists/naturists can’t be the real, happy people we really are. If I feel more comfortable the less I wear and I’m not being a pervert of sexual about it, then it should not be a big deal. If we feel more comfortable naked, then let us be naked and happy, just as we let other minorities come to do over the years.

We nudists are people just like you–we’re just more secure with and appreciative of our natural being, and in turn we’re just more comfortable the less we wear. So let us be us–we’re not going to try to come on to you or anything, we’re just being us. The happy, comfortable, naked people we are. We should not be judged by the clothes we may or may not wear, but by what is inside our hearts. You can stay dressed, if you so please. But at least let us be equally comfortable and happy.

Keep that in mind, people. Just let us be bare, and be proud.