Bare Thoughts

Hi people, first of all sorry for the silence these last couple of days. Therefor I will talk about last weekend and the weekend before. Let’s start with the weekend from September 17th. This also was the deadline date to send in your photos for the #TeamNaturistphotochallenge on Twitter.

Our first idea was to make the photos a weekend earlier, but that weekend we had some personal stuff on our minds and so many other stuff to do that we simply didn’t have the time. We explained to Björ ( founder of #TeamNaturist ) and promised we would send our pictures before the deadline.

Because it’s very busy at work I didn’t arrive at home on Friday the 16th but on Saturday the 17th. Yes, deadline day. Luckily the pictures were good enough and Björ was able to finish his project. We’re very proud to be a part of it…

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