So sorry to hear your story! Unfortunately there are lots of perverts out there, it’s sad.

Bare Thoughts

Last week, on the 25th of July, we went back to nude beach Hoek van Holland for the 3rd time. Hoping for a better experience then the visit before, we packed our towels and drove towards the beach.

Once we arrived the clock already reached 8pm. But since it was 30 degrees Celsius the complete day, it still didn’t cool down. Only the sun wouldn’t be up for much longer. We found a place in the middle of the beach and even though it was 8 in the evening there were still around 20 people present.

We decided to go for a swim while the sun was still there. At first we thought the water was colder then last time, but we quickly realized that wasn’t the case. The temperature on the beach was warmer then last time so the water felt colder but it wasn’t at all. Because it…

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