Bare Thoughts

I mentioned the name Flevonatuur several times in my blog. And this isn’t without a reason. For me, Flevonatuur is one of the 3 places I feel like home. The other 2 are my actual home and my truck, where I spent most of my days.

Let’s start from the beginning. Like I mentioned before, my first experience with naturism and social nudity was at Flevonatuur with a good friend. I also said she was like a second mom to me. What I didn’t say, was that she was married at the time I met her. The reason I didn’t told you guys before, is because her husband Mario, died several months later to cancer. Within 3 months he lost his battle to this horrible disease. Now Mario was like a second father to me. He didn’t only taught me how to be a truck driver, the first company I…

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