The naked body is a gift, it’s a natural part of who we are and a gift from above. When we were created, we were seen as beautiful and perfect. It’s always been a part of who we really are – naked is how we were brought into this world, and how we will leave it.

So when society says there is something wrong with being who we truly are, when society says there is anything wrong with others seeing us in our natural, true state, it just plain isn’t right. When society forces us to change and/or cover up to impress others, or if we can be who we are and have to somehow censor it, it’s terrible. When society stereotypes the naked body, when they shun the naked body into a category of being perverted or sexual, when society emphasizes our natural body parts and displaying them in a light that is unnatural, it’s just plain misery. When society says there is such a thing as a perfect body, sculpted and fit with the right size manhood or womanhood, it’s devastating. When somebody is told they are too young, too old, too out of shape or too thin, it’s just plain horrible.

We are perfect just the way we are naked. We are who we truly are when we are nude. It’s amazing how we even came into this world just as we are. Being our true selves, just as we are, no matter our weight, gender, what our body parts look like, it’s truly amazing when we can express our true, uninhibited, naked selves.

The sight of a casually naked body shouldn’t be outlawed or hidden–as a matter of fact, it should be celebrated. We should be able to be who we really are, no matter what we wear or don’t wear.

That’s what the nudist revolution is really all about–accepting the naked body as part of nature and everyday life. We nudists/naturists are people just like everybody else–with dreams, goals, jobs, beliefs, hobbies, everything. We just feel more comfortable in our true, natural state, and we shouldn’t have to be forced to have to put on man’s own made clothing to be accepted by society. Being casually naked is a perfectly normal and natural thing, and if this is how you feel comfortable, then you should be comfortable. Be bare, and be proud. Your naked body is perfect the way it is–embrace it, take it in and live in it.

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