Hi friends,

I know many of you have been wondering where I’ve been within the past number of months since I last wrote on my blog. I haven’t gone away for good, still a nudist and prouder than ever of it, and a lot has happened since I’ve last written. A big step for me has happened though—I have since moved out from my parents (my first real freedom as an independent 25-year-old young man) and have just been promoted after months of working as a subcontractor at my job to a full-time position. Things are looking great in my life, and as I am basically becoming my own independent self I have really become more accepting of my bodily flaws and day by day feeling more comfortable in my naked skin.

Another big achievement for me—finally went to my first nudist campground at the start of June, and had fun. It was kind of on an odd day, the clouds and the rain weren’t sure if they wanted to cooperate, so there wasn’t that many people unfortunately at the campground (let alone I was the youngest there that day), but I didn’t really care if I was the youngest or one of the only few people there, I talk to pretty much everybody regardless of age. Later in the afternoon, they did have a wine and cheese party and that really made the afternoon turn from almost a regret for me into a great experience meeting new friends. There were only a few of us, but that was okay and I feel that actually created a better connection between us as opposed to a larger group. It was a lot of fun getting to know the owners of the campground and a few other fellow nudists, I definitely plan on coming back when I get a free weekend despite having to work on and off on weekends during the summer.

Also, I have been thinking about nudism and different ways people have incorporated it as part of public events, like LGBT pride events or World Naked Bike Rides, Burning Man and stuff like that. And most of these events (at least all the ones I hear about) seem to take place in large cities in places like New York, California or Florida, because that’s where the majority of nudists and more free-spirited and liberal people seem to be and who seem to take the most effort to get their voices heard. I am not normally one to discuss politics or stereotypes and don’t plan to in this blog post, but I feel there are quite a bit of nudists/naturists out there who don’t get their voices heard and it can be hard socializing with fellow nudists because the word seems to have a certain image of a typical nudist/naturist. Not all nudists are free-spirited hippies, not all are gay or lesbian or bi, not all are liberals or Democrats (some are Republicans), not all are in major states where nudism is biggest (like New York, California or Florida), not all are in big cities and not all have conveniences of a resort/gathering place to interact with fellow nudists/naturists (like me, for instance, I have to drive at least two hours to the closest nude campground). I feel there are so many nudists out there who don’t get heard and it feels unfair. How can we better spread the word about these minorities who don’t get their voices heard? It’s also continuously hard for me being one in a rural area, being so young and just living so far from a resort—it’s hard interacting with others like me, what can I do?

I’m glad you guys have continuously supported my efforts to positively promote nudism/naturism, and I hope to continue being a friend to the world of nudism/naturism as I continue my mission to be happy in my own naked skin.

Best to all,