Those three words—some interesting words I found while browsing through new posts on my Twitter wall this morning. Hey friends, I hope you all have a great new year and stay nude. I was thinking about those three words “Love Your Body” because as many of you who’ve been following me for some time know, I told a similar story when I first started this nudist blog right after I first became a nudist. I continue to say it, because the longer I’ve practiced nudism, the more comfortable you get with time.

To think, when I was little I loved walking and running around our secluded yard—then once I actually started attending school, my parents just got me into the routine of wearing clothes. Worst part growing up was feeling self-conscious about my body, especially because my mother always bought us big clothes because she did not like wearing skin-tight clothing. I felt so envious of kids who wore better looking stuff than me and who seemed to show off more—for a while, I was afraid to admit to my mom I did not like covering up like this—a lot of times, when my family went up north to the beach, when I went up to the beach house to go to the bathroom, I always liked taking off my clothes when nobody was around to stop me. Then even worse, when I got into middle and high school, the shame of covering up was really thrown on me by my parents as they started aging, and my mom became real self-conscious about us seeing her naked. So from then on ‘til I was in college, I always got dressed. Finally I got the appreciation for my body back, as many of you may know, working as an art model in college and I realized how comfortable I truly was in my skin—and what do you know it, I decided I’m a nudist. And throughout this past year, being naked more often and being more social naked has just really helped me love my body and not worry about having to impress others by covering up and being somebody I’m not.

You know what I think? I think my like for being naked just comes from the fact that I didn’t like my mom buying and throwing at me big clothes that made me look like I was wearing a dress. Many people have hangups about their bodies and worrying about making a good impression—well when we are naked, we are all on the same plain. You may be the best chiseled, fit and sexy person in the world, or you may be overweight and not the most attractive looking person in a “societal fashion” sense. You may have a big butt or a small one. In the end, it doesn’t matter—we’re all on an even plain when we’re naked, nobody is greater than anybody else, and since we’re not trying to impress anybody by being something we’re not, we’re happier and become more confident. And to tell you the truth, in the end I personally think we all look better naked. Why not love your body? It’s the body you’ve been given, so might as well make the best of it!

Happy New Nude Year, everybody!