Hi friends,

Buck here. As a young nudist, I do have great plans for my future—and one of my plans is someday having kids. I really don’t understand what this world has come to when it comes to families and nudity, especially when it comes to dads.

If you checked my Twitter or Tumblr wall lately, you may noticed I just recently shared a story where a comedian was bashed by fans for showing a picture of him in his bathtub with his little daughter giving her a bath—and being accused of being a pedophile? Whaa? What’s so terrible about a dad innocently giving his young child a bath? Absolutely nothing! MY parents used to do that with me when I was a kid. Nothing sexual about it—just innocently bathing and having innocent fun with the young ins.

Plus on TV when I was little, for example, I saw Lever 2000 ads all the time where moms and dads are shown bathing with their kids–nothing wrong with that! Same scenario. It’s just simple family bathing, even fun!

I guess these audiences’ reaction to an innocent moment like this just shows how prudish our world has gotten and/or how much nudity has become oversexualized by society. Many people simply think if somebody is naked, oh it is somehow sexual—and if kids are involved, the person is automatically deemed a pedophile? Why? Do you see any sexual activity going on here? I don’t think so. These people just don’t understand—and probably never will. These losers have probably never had any skin-to-skin interactions with their young children growing up, or maybe they’re just ignorant assholes who just purposely like to find ways to put other people down.

I remember when I first found the link to that story I shared on Twitter, the person who initially shared it left a comment how it’s “not hygenic to sit in Dad’s dirty bathwater”? Whaa? I feel that person needs a serious wake-up call. How would Dad giving baby a bath be any different than if it were Mom? Maybe because some men tend to have more body hair? Or maybe because men have a penis? It’s absolutely ridiculous. The way I see it, I think it’s important for parents to have skin-to-skin time with their children, especially Dad. It’s all about building trust with your parents as a young child—plus bathing with your baby is just plain fun! Nothing sexual about it—just because Dad is naked in the bathtub with the baby does not mean anything sexual is going to happen, that’s stupid the way some prudish people think.

Plus I feel like having a nudist family is a good thing—it helps kids become more accepting of people’s bodies, especially their own—and in turn, nudity becomes less awkward for kids as they grow up. The more children especially are exposed to simple, casual nudity, the better off they are later in life—and better accepting of human nature.

The way I see it—no matter if you’re a nudist or not, there’s nothing wrong with parents giving babies a bath. There’s nothing sexual about it, and absolutely no reason to cause such an uproar.

Best to all,