Hey friends,

You know what drives me bonkers on social media? I see so many people out there who claim to advocate nudism and be nudists, but yet I also see so many of them who mostly display a lot of centerfold models, if you know what I mean. Like the kind you’d find on nude centerfolds in magazines like Playboy or Playgirl. The hottest chicks who have the most flawless bodies, greatest tans, the most perfect breasts, you name it. Or the most toned, muscular and sexiest looking studs–you know what I’m talking about. I seriously don’t understand why some people display these as ways to advocate nudism–the way I see it, these pictures seem to give the exact opposite message of what our way of life is about.

These pictures of course are part of magazines that are meant to activate the sexual impulses–obviously these magazines were not made by people who appreciate the natural human body. The creators and/or models are not at all naturists–they do this to turn people on sexually. See, what I think is, having a very sexually-minded society out there, these magazines are so widely available and nudism is not so common–and in turn, people think that since these people are naked, they are supposedly “nudists” and want to promote this way of life, and they are WRONG. These people who put these nude centerfold pics up on social media certainly aren’t trying to advocate for naturism, it’s mostly about sex. In my opinion, these people aren’t just strictly interested in our way of life–and I don’t consider these true nudism advocacy sites.

Of course, not all models are bad–art, as a matter of fact, is a great example of showing the bare, naked human body as not a sexual object but as a natural being that is beautiful. Even art models that aren’t necessarily nudists or advocate for nudism I don’t have a problem with, because these pictures are not meant for sexual means, unlike how Playboy or Playgirl centerfolds primarily are.

Bottom line–the way I see it, if you are going to depict models as part of your mission to advocate body acceptance, nudism and/or just the natural human body in a non-sexual way, don’t display these kinds of pictures. Sexy mag centerfolds have their place–but they’re not in this place. If people are going to better understand nudism/naturism or better accept and respect their imperfect bodies, don’t splat pics that are meant for sexual purposes on your page! Same goes with dick pics, they’re putting a bad light on our way of life. It draws many to the conclusion that being a nudist is the same as being sexually active–which is bogus. It’s also a reason why many younger people don’t understand nudism and why I feel many parents feel all nudity is sexual and should be distanced from kids, which is absolutely untrue. If you don’t want people to see nudism as simply something sexual or perverted, don’t display those kinds of pictures.

Best to all,

NOTE: The big point I mean behind this post–in my opinion, sexual magazine centerfolds are meant to specially focus on the genitals/breasts and help enhance the pleasure by displaying the “perfect” male or female body to make the genitals stand out to make it all look more appealing to the adult eye. It just isn’t right in my opinion, and it’s definitely not showing a good light on our lifestyle.