“Friends, don’t be ashamed of being naked. After all, we weren’t born with anything on, now were we? So many people in our society are afraid to show off what they were born with. We were born in this word naked, and we will die naked too. So why not just live life up and not be afraid to show some skin?”

Hey friends,

Can you believe it? A year ago, this whole journey started—and yet, so much has happened since that it feels like it’s been much longer than that. A young 23-year-old senior in college, almost 24, I underwent an epiphany of sorts after over a year of modeling nude for an art class in college, in which I realized I was most definitely a nudist and felt most comfortable when I was wearing nothing. Ever since, I decided to start this page to both connect with fellow nudists and to advocate this great lifestyle, I have felt like I’ve just been welcomed by all of you, and I truly feel at home in the nudist/naturist community.

One year ago, I wrote my first blog post, talking about how I decided to become a nudist. I also started my initial Facebook account for Clothing Optional, featuring a picture of my bare feet while standing naked in my dorm room at college, with a quote that said, “Naked is how we were born and how we will die too. So why not just live it up and be proud?” Oh, a lot has changed since then—we have since grown to Twitter, Tumblr and just a few months ago, True Nudists. Even as my platforms have changed/grown over time, I’m so glad so many people have had faith in this page and really came to enjoy it. I’ve been welcomed by so many people with open arms, who have really come to enjoy my blog posts and positive message memes about nudism/naturism, body acceptance and casual social nudity.

Looking back on this day, here are a couple of my favorite blog posts back from when this page first started.

My first blog post ever:

An inspirational piece on nudism and body acceptance:

My opinion of one of my favorite nudist family-friendly films:

Overall, I’m amazed how many of you have come to enjoy my sites, and I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. You guys have truly been an inspiration for me—I couldn’t have gotten this page this far without your inspiration and your continuous support, and I hope we can continue to nude on and celebrate life naturally for many years to come.

Stay nude, and have a great day!

Your friend,

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