Hey friends,

So not that long ago, this guy who I thought was my friend for the past three years at college complained about not only my decision to become a nudist, but starting this blog and sharing stories/pictures about other naked guys, in particular. He then accused me of being gay, and wouldn’t let me speak. He automatically thought, oh I’m looking at other naked guys, that means I must be looking at gay porn, that automatically makes me aroused and want to have sex with them–absolutely untrue! Well I have since broken off all contact with him, he’s not the friend I thought he was.

I’m not gay, I’m not romantically or sexually interested in other guys in any way, but that does not mean that I cannot have respect for other guys who happen to be casually naked. I have respect for the naked body for both genders–men and women, but that does not make me gay or bi in any way. Some have also wondered why I have so many pics of guys and not as many of women–it’s just simply because from what I have come across on the Internet, I feel like a lot of people are sharing pics of females that seem to be primarily meant for sexual arousal, not nudism. Also, it seems like more males tend to be more comfortable with being naked than women in many cases.

My former friend’s problem–he was just plain insecure with himself, a homophobe, still trying to find his place in world, so he rode the bandwagon to try to fit in and not have people put him down. Just like much of American society–so married on oversexualizing nudity and not having any appreciation for casual human nature. Well, that’s his problem–I do not care anymore.

The point I’m trying to make with this article–just because I share pics that happen to have pics of guys in them or because I may share pics/stories from fellow male nudists that might happen to be gay does not automatically make me gay or bi in any way. I’m straight, but I do happen to have a few nudist friends/connections that yes happen to be gay; I also have respect for Survivor winner Richard Hatch for his naked efforts on Survivor, plus I also have respect for the Warwick Rowers.

Bottom line, respecting other naked guys no matter their orientation does NOT make me gay or bisexual in any way. Respecting a naked man’s body is no different for me than respecting a naked woman’s body, no matter how attracted I may or may not be to her. Everybody’s body in a nudist sense is equally beautiful and not a sexual object, and in turn should be treated that way. ‘Nuff said.

Stay nude, and have a great day!

Your pal,