As a little kid I hated wearing clothes and remember thinking how nice it’d be living in a land where nobody ever wore anything. Like many others though, I was raised in a textile environment, also in a big city, so there wasn’t even a swimmin’ hole for skinny dipping or a wooded area nearby.

Sometime in the late 1950’s (I was in Grade school) an ‘art’ theater in the neighborhood featured the film ‘Garden of Eden’. Of course I was too young to gain admission, however, the poster outside the theater advertised that it had been filmed in a nudist camp. Quite likely that was the first time I heard the word nudist. Instinctively knowing it was what I wanted to be when I grew up, I realized others in the world thought like I did!

During the years that followed, films like ‘Nature’s Paradise’ ‘The Nudist Story’ and ‘Sunswept’ (to name a few) were also shown there. By the time I was in High School, censorship laws had been relaxed a bit and I’d amassed a collection of Nudist Magazines. Titles like ‘Nudist Adventure’ ‘Nude Lark’ and ‘Nudism Today’ (published by the American Sunbathing Association) were in my collection, photos showed men, women and entire families enjoying nude recreation. I envied it that parents would raise their kids in a nudist environment–how lucky they were!

As my twenty-first birthday approached, I contacted three nudist clubs that were a few hour’s drive from where I lived. Two had singles quotas, the third one, however, (Camp Goodland in Hackettstown, New Jersey) was allowing a limited number of new single male members. I sent in my application, went for an interview and was accepted. The first day at the club was magical. It all seemed so natural and relaxed–adults of both sexes, families, even children–all enjoying the day free of restrictive clothing. It was wonderful to feel the fresh air all over my body as I played volleyball, nude, for the first time. The day was amazing, and the enjoyment carried thru into that evening. As I undressed getting ready for bed I loved looking at my rear in my bedroom mirror–I had an all-over tan and loved it! That was Spring of 1967 when I became a card-carrying nudist. The journey has continued to this day!