I feel the same–I feel these minorities should get more credit in the world of nudism, because they are out there, I know quite a few African-American nudists and even some Asian nudists, you just don’t widely hear about them because whites are the majority of people who are more willing to try nudism/naturism.

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A friend of mine on Facebook had come across a question via NUSA’s Facebook post asking “Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” I told myself that, that’s a good question. I could not answer the question myself so I did some research, asked friends and on my group on Facebook.

The following may or not be the true reasons, however it’s what I’ve gathered to be close to the real reason why it is so, today. The main reason why it seems that there is so many ‘white’ nudists and Naturists is what I now find very obvious is it’s called majority. Since nudism began in Europe and then the America’s there are far more white people who live the lifestyle. If you’re black, latin, native american, from india or any other place that is a minority — there are not enough of that type to go around.

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